Cover Photo1 Yachting International Radio, Tunner Media and EAT LOVE SAVORⓇ join voices to share vision on land and sea - EAT LOVE SAVOR International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine
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Yachting International Radio, Tunner Media and EAT LOVE SAVORⓇ join voices to share vision on land and sea

October 2019 – EAT LOVE SAVORⓇ,, the 100% editorial, high end luxury lifestyle magazines and producers of both online and in print issues, and its publishing company Tunner Media, proudly announce its collaboration with Yachting International Radio, – a multi-media platform covering Yachting and lifestyle, from Crew to Owners, and On Shore support; anyone and everything that has anything to do with the Yachting or Boating market Internationally.

In an ongoing commitment to the pursuit of excellence as an independent luxury media platform and directly reach our ideal readership , EAT LOVE SAVORⓇ offers a meaningful and conscious experience for inspiring and timeless information, with a focus on appreciation, connoisseurship and beauty. Founder, Editor in Chief, Creative Director and Publisher Angela Tunner says:

«Collaborations with luxury experts and like-minded platforms for our 100% editorial magazine is part of the backbone of our editorial strategy, selecting only those that are a synergistic match with our philosophies, editorial mandate and direction. This is vital to ensure the consistency of our voice, the high quality of our content and to remain focused on our mission. There is more to the complex concept of luxury than acquisition and EAT LOVE SAVORⓇ offers a place to rediscover luxury and luxury living.

«By design, we are a powerful platform for the voice of luxury experts all working together in harmony with these wonderful people working in the industry. We are here to cut through the noise and barrage of consumerism messaging and in its place offer a sanctuary and true luxury experience. This is particularly important in the luxury sector has become clouded by an over focus on consumption. We are shining a light back on the art of living, beauty, humanity and offering media with a greater purpose. It gives us great pleasure to gather expert insights and voices that amplify a more conscious choice and one focused on a life of beauty and the art of living well, and reaching those who enjoy yacht living on the seas.»

EAT LOVE SAVORⓇ and Tunner Media are pleased to be partnering with Yachting International Radio and Founder Rhea Rouw. From their first introduction, Tunner and Rouw recognized a connection of shared vision and mission to directly reach their respective audiences with minimal interruption, delivering engaging and informative stories that interest across multiple channels. Yachting International Radio’s video interviews will provide EAT LOVE SAVOR online readers with interesting brand profiles in video format from the world of luxury.

Woman of YIR1 Yachting International Radio, Tunner Media and EAT LOVE SAVORⓇ join voices to share vision on land and sea - EAT LOVE SAVOR International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Says Name Rhea Rouw, Founding Partner of Yachting International Radio:

«Yachting International Radio is proud to partner with other forms of media that share our vision. We believe that there is no reason that we all can’t live our best lives, while still paying particular attention to how we are impacting the world around us. By bringing you the ultimate in luxury, but as well highlighting those companies that are doing so while reducing their carbon footprint, is a way in which we can encourage others to do the same.

«EAT LOVE SAVORⓇ magazine encompasses so much of what the clientele of Yachting International Radio are interested in, and the ability to partner with a company of such stature and insight, means that we are able to bring their expertise to our listeners and viewers,  in the form of interviews with experts in Luxury that are on land as well as at sea. We look forward to a successful future with Tunner Media, bringing you all the latest in luxury from around the world! »

Yachting International Radio produces fun and informative video interviews are hosted by Yachting International Radio’s host Natalia Langsdale and will accompany a written profile with link to the interviewee’s website for the convenience of our readers who wish to learn even more.


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About Yachting International Radio

Yachting International Radio founded by Rhrea Rouw is a multimedia platform reaching the Yachting world, from Crew to Owners, and On Shore support. Anyone and everything that has anything to do with the Yachting or Boating market Internationally.

Yachting International Radio was founded as a result of a desire to give a voice to worldwide crew in the Yachting Industry. From small yachts with only one or two crew, to the large superyachts with crew into the triple digits. From the little things that impact your daily life, to the larger issues like employment and environment. They bring a wide variety of music, world wide news, marine weather in your area, and with our various presenters, multiple different personalities, music choices and views of the world. We also have interviews with industry leaders, crew agents, financial advisors, and just some human interest stories!


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