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World Leaders in Luxury to Gather at The Luxury Week July 28-30, 2020

Come and join us on Tuesday, July 28 at 1pm BST / 8am EST to hear Angela Tunner, Publisher of EAT LOVE SAVOR and Dr. Martina Olbertova, Founder & CEO of Meaning.Global speak about their new project The Luxury Renaissance Show, what has inspired this movement and how they want to achieve their goal to elevate the industry conversation on luxury, educate and create new knowledge on the emerging paradigm of the new luxury.

Some of the World’s Leaders in Luxury have been invited to speak about leadership, current challenges, and future trends at The Luxury Week, July 28-30, 2020 at an online conference expected to welcome over 1500 attendees.

Over the course of three days, you’ll be able to hear speakers explore themes pertinent to the industry during pivotal time including the Future of Sustainable Luxury, Personalisation in Hospitality,  Future of Luxury Travel, Trends and Innovation and Shopping experience 2.0. Some of the speakers include, Antonio Paraiso, Luxury, Marketing, Innovation Speaker and Consultant ; Marie-Cecile Cervellon, Ph.D. Professor of Marketing at EDHEC Business School; Robert Walton MBE, President of the Restaurant Association, Founder of The Nth Degree Global and Ryan den Rooijen, Group Head of Data & Analytics at Chalhoub Group.

Join Angela Tunner and Dr. Martina Olbertova at Luxury Week

Dr. Martina Olbertova and Angela Tunner will have a segment together on Tuesday, July 28 at 1pm BST / 8am EST where they will speak about The Luxury Renaissance Show

In times of continuous change, the industry in which we are engaged shifts dramatically to both new challenges and new opportunities.

About The Luxury Week, an Online Luxury Conference

Luxury Week has gathered some of the industry’s best minds to address these issues, debate and explore the future openly.

Affluent customer behaviour is evolving and while consumers often demand outstanding service rates, the way they buy evolves. Affluent millennials and Gen-Z have a preference in spending on experiences — and will typically pay extra for enhancing those experiences with unique therapies and customization unlike their rest of the generation.

We spoke with co-founders Diego Bivero-Volpe and Mariusz Czajkowski about their inspiration and vision for creating Luxury Week.

Diego Bivero-Volpe says:

“The world we live in is undeniably in flux, the old paradigms are being challenged and new opportunities are flourishing around us. 

The Luxury Week is intended as an essential congress for industry leaders and participants to get together and discuss what this new future will look like and how we can collaborate to build a better foundation.”

Mariusz Czajkowski says: 

“The Luxury Week virtual conference is a forward-thinking approach with global reach capabilities and unlimited potential to connect industry leaders in a meaningful conversation about the evolving luxury audience needs and to rethink what luxury means to this highly valued consumer.

Our long-term vision for the Luxury Week is to create a global go-to-event for the World’s Leaders in Luxury to exchange ideas. We aim to empower Industry professionals with new tools to build long-lasting, individualized and seamless consumer relationships with their sophisticated target audience and effectively drive change through events, exhibitions and educational platforms. 

The Luxury Week supports individuals, brands and organizations in fostering collaborations to drive better outcomes, challenge conventions and deliver new insights and approaches.”

The Luxury Renaissance Show Speaks at Luxury Week 

Speaking at the event are our founder, publisher and editor in chief Angela Tunner and her partner Dr. Martina Olbertova, founder and CEO of Meaning.Global who together founded and created The Luxury Renaissance Show.

Tunner and Olbertova will be speaking on raising awareness and consciousness around the newly emerging paradigm of luxury for the New World and leading the way forward with the vision to elevate the luxury conversation and create new knowledge – a Luxury Renaissance.

The birth of The Luxury Renaissance was inspired by the depth and value in Dr. Martina Olbertova’s insightful The Luxury Report: Redefining The Future Value Of Luxury [link to report]. The two chatted, forged a strong connection and formed a business partnership.

Martina is the leading voice in building meaning in luxury around the world. On a quest to redefine the role of meaning as the core value in business, she is a brand advisor, cultural strategist, social scientist and semiotician. Her goal is to teach the industry how to lead meaningfully in the 21st century to enhance luxury’s authentic essence, value creation, cultural relevance and sustainable growth.

Teamed with Angela Tunner, with her keen eye for luxury, understanding of its language, DNA, its essence and continues to study and ever-searching the world for high-calibre luxury goods, services and experiences to share with the magazine’s readers. Angela is driven by a passion for education and positivity in media, she takes pride in providing the best timeless, educational and enchanting reading experience possible with content written by luxury industry professionals.

Dr. Martina Olbertova speaker at the Luxury WeekDr. Martina Olbertova says: 

“We are really excited by this opportunity to speak at the prestigious The Luxury Week about our new The Luxury Renaissance Show. It really is a passion project for the both of us – we put our hearts and souls into putting this show together with the vision to facilitate the rebirth of luxury for a new world. In many ways, the COVID pandemic has been a blessing, an awakening for the industry, which has allowed it to speed up its transition towards the new luxury paradigm much faster than it would have otherwise. 

The luxury industry was already venturing into the space of wellness, well-being, healing and meaningful experiences, but having this time to disconnect from the world and reconnect back to our souls has made all the difference. We have needed this pause for a long time to recalibrate our energy, our souls and find out what truly matters to us in life – what we deem meaningful – to ourselves, our families and those closest to us. This has been a priority wake-up call. The luxury industry will continue to move in this direction for the future along with us, and those who will be able to elicit the most personal meaning in our lives will become the most successful leaders in new luxury.”

Angela Tunner speaker at the Luxury WeekAngela Tunner says:

“The opportunity to speak about The Luxury Renaissance Show at The Luxury Week is a welcome one and we thank the founders for inviting us to speak. We are very excited to participate in this prestigious conference, to join the dialogue and lend our voices to the issues at hand along with other leaders in luxury.

The creation of The Luxury Renaissance Show was a labour of love, a year in the making. Prior to the pandemic, the needs and desires of the luxury consumers – the affluent, high net worth and upper high net worth, old money and new money alike, were already changing. But then arrived this powerful societal shift and the great challenges brought on by this pandemic. In every challenge lies an opportunity and this challenge presents unique circumstances for fast tracking shifts in mindset necessary for the luxury industry to more solidly move into the modern age and recapture that which was lost thanks to the democratization of luxury and fast consumerism.

Now with all these factors in place this is the perfect recipe for positive change because there is receptiveness marking an open path to welcome overall improvement in the way that we live and communicate. The time is right to quickly accelerate a return to deeper fundamental priorities like self care and wellness, increased knowledge in where lies true worth, re-connection to age old values and to self;  all are seeking to find a greater sense of stability in an unstable world.

It is a time of rebirth and renewal, history in the making. This is a defining moment in time to re-guild luxury in a way that restores its values, better communicates true worth, reconnects with his roots and strengthens its pillars. Those luxury leaders who stand for a return to meaning and find ways to do so with authenticity will render themselves powerful instruments for influence for the greater good, leading the industry at large and be a part of change that can last for generations to come.”

Come and hear from these and other great speakers about luxury in a changing world. It is sure to be an excellent debate and ripe with inspiration to embrace this unprecedented paradigm shift!

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