4 SPACE Firas Al Sahen

Winner: Luxury Lifestyle Awards Middle East, 4Space Interior Design

Winner: “Luxury Interior Design Company”, United Arab Emirates

Firas Al Sahen – Managing Partner at 4SPACE Interior Design


4 SPACE Firas Al SahenFor 4 SPACE Interior Design everything starts with a vision, can you share with us the process of creating grand designs for your clients?

Our work is a conjuncture of our collective vision of fusing functionality, uniqueness and stylish elegance. It all start with the concept, after many brainstorm sessions the concept created by 3D generated perspectives, mood boards and material selection. Details design stage comes next to provide full solutions, then followed with all necessary documentations to finales the presses.

How do you work with the contractor firms you employ? Is there any selection particular selection process so that you designs come out as perfect as they do?

The evaluation and selection of contractors leading to the award of execution contracts is a vital part of the execution process. The contract may be awarded through an informal competitive bidding process, evaluated for it competitive prize and quality.

If the opportunity arises, would you be willing to expand your operations overseas? And, if yes, what regions do you think hold the most prospects?

Actually we are working on establishing new operation offices in UK and Italy, to support our ongoing projects there. We would like to see a 4Space design at every other property or location in the world. We envision our work to align with the world’s best”,

Do you think it is the right time to stop and analyse with your team what you have already achieved and what the future holds for interior design?

After 15 years in the business, we are still challenged by the possibilities of creating concrete impressions from a given space and environment. Dubai has a burgeoning luxury market which demands only the best designs from classic to iconoclastic.  The rising income and the influx of people from all over the world who come to Dubai for work or tourism prove a challenge for designers and builders to satisfy

With a massive investment channelled in the construction sector, the dynamism and creativity in the design sector are flourishing.

Is there something that the reception of the Golden Crown would do to improve your business operations?

We are deeply honoured to receive this recognition from a distinguished panel of experts from a highly esteemed organization. The Award is a fitting tribute to the perseverance, ingenuity, and commitment to quality of 4Space in delivering attractive, comprehensive environments with effective commercial purpose for its diverse clientele.


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