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Wine Route | Silver Oak Winery, Napa Valley

Join our Contributing Wine Editor and host James Cluer as he gets behind the inspirations and history of Napa Valley’s most iconic Cabernet producer; Silver Oak Cellars.

Contributing Wine Editor, James Cluer, MW

American Oak Barrels: A Hallmark of Silver Oak

“Since the early 1970s, we have aged our wines exclusively in American oak barrels. Today, the use of American oak continues to be a hallmark of our distinctive Cabernet Sauvignons. To ensure the long-term availability of first-rate American oak barrels, we formed a partnership with A & K Cooperage in 2000. Located in Higbee, Missouri, 40 miles north of Columbia, A & K Cooperage is a small, family-owned company that has produced premium barrels for over 30 years. It takes 80 years to grow an American white oak to maturity and another two years to properly age the wood. From there, the wood is toasted to our specifications and handcrafted into a 59-gallon barrel. All in all, the year on a bottle of Silver Oak doesn’t tell the whole story – you’ll want to add at least 82 years to get the true birth date.” 

James Cluer, MW owns and operates Fine Vintage. Since 1953 only 38 people have qualified to become Masters of Wine in North America. James is a professional wine judge, an author, educator, and consults to airlines, governments and wineries.