Why is EAT LOVE SAVOR® Zero Advertising?

Why Zero Advertising?

To remain independent and free from influence in our editorial. We are a different kind of luxury lifestyle reading experience focused on inspiration and timeless information.

In this digital modern age we are confronted with a never ending barrage of advertising that has the ability to reach us everywhere we go, each screen, click and page. It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed, numb, jaded or irritated to the constant pressure of always having some ad vying for your attention, trying to sell you something and persuade your behaviour at every turn.

Re-imagining the purpose of the magazine

The truth about magazines, their big secret is, that they exist for the purpose of getting readers to look at advertising. And advertisers always influence the editorial and voice of a publication.

We never liked the idea of how disposable magazines are despite how much work they take to create, or by being an ad driven publication or to have outside influence dictate editorial and voice. Nor are we keen on the idea of adding to the noise of advertising. Instead, we dreamed of pages that were like a book, transporting you to another world, with stories that were timeless, interesting, informational, educational and enchanting… we imagined a new kind of magazine because it is time for a change…So, we decided it was time to re-imagine the luxury lifestyle magazine!

In this re-imagining, our intention was to be a truly independent voice, so the choices of what we feature online and in our bookazine are not influenced by others. To provide our gentle, discerining readers with much needed respite from the distraction, pressure and pull of advertising persuasiveness. Our vision is also to be by design, a blend of book and magazine characteristics with intelligent and well written articles composed only direct from luxury brands and by luxury experts that work in the field and write about their expertise, to create an absolutely informational, entertaining and enchanting atmosphere.

Discover EAT LOVE SAVOR, an elegant and inspiring publication

Each and every page is highly curated with excellent photography and arranged to unfold with flow, like watching a film that is transporatative, a place where you can travel in your mind,  to a beautiful, uplifting, inspirational, informational, luxurious and joyful place of great timeless beauty


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