What to Consider When Installing Art in Your Home

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The key to hanging artwork is to hang it where you’ll enjoy it the most. Here are some points to keep in mind when hanging your art collection.

Begin with the basics and assemble your tools; you’ll need a tape measure, a pencil, a spirit level, hook, nails, a hammer and a friend to help you. Before you pick up your hammer, ask your helper to hold the artwork and position against the wall so that you can see what the artwork will look like a monks the existing interior design. Take a step back and view the newly embellished space from different angles to get a sense of proportion and color. If you were hanging an artwork above a piece of furniture, it’s a good idea to centralize the hang to this, as opposed to the wall. We suggest hanging works at eye level. Museum guidelines state this as 156 cm from the floor to the centre of the artwork but this should be adjusted depending on the size of your walls and ceilings.

Consider the Color Scheme of your Space

Always consider the colour scheme of your space very carefully before hanging the artwork. The medium, colours, and framing of the artwork might have a dramatic impact upon an interior design. You will also need to decide if you want to create a room with a contrast or harmony.

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Hang Art in a Grid Formation

Hanging a series of art works of the same size and medium in a grid formation offers a striking look and you could play a little bit with the spacing in between or even try to use different mediums of artwork to add your own unique flair; this Parisian salon art installation style, is a great way to impact the space with smaller pieces of art surrounding the larger pieces. This is a trend that is growing in popularity. In creating this style, remember that there is no right or wrong; the only recommendation is to start in the middle, and work your way around it. Be open to place different mediums, sizes and framing options in this installation to make it as personal as possible.

Remember to Leave Space and Harmony

When placing a triptych or two large-scale pieces, which are part of a network series, keep in mind to allow enough space between those two artworks. You’ll want to create harmony through the art chosen in your space, which allows for it to complement one another while not competing for attention.

Other points to consider:

  • Remember to hang artwork in rooms away from direct sunlight. UV light can damage artwork and glaring reflection disrupts the aesthetic. Install your art at a safe distance from direct heat sources such as radiators and electric heaters. Fluctuations in heat can cause long-term damage to an artwork, which can lead to costly art restoration treatments.
  • Be sure to hang your fine art pieces at a safe distance from damp spaces such as bathrooms, spaces with poor ventilation and steamy kitchens. Moisture and humidity can damage artworks significantly over time, potentially ruining pieces of financial, cultural or personal value.


by Alexandra Schafer, Founder VELVENOIR


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