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What Stirred New Interest in #Cognac?

cognac expert shelf of cognac What Stirred New Interest in #Cognac? - EAT LOVE SAVOR International Luxury Lifestyle MagazineIt is  impossible to not have noticed that French brandy Cognac is one of the ‘buzz’ words in luxury goods right now.

How on earth has Cognac managed to shrug off what the industry freely admits was a stuffy, ‘old boy’s brigade’ image and reinvent itself as one of the most coveted luxury products of the 21st century? Well, there’s actually no single answer to that. The new ‘golden age of Cognac’ boils down to a combination of reasons.

The Eastern Influence

In China, where success and social standing is not only judged by providing generous gifts to business associates, but also by the choice of drink in your hand (amongst other things), Cognac has been steadily gaining in popularity. As the country’s wealth increasingly rises, so does its citizens disposable incomes. Cognac in China has, along with Whiskey, become the tipple of choice for many, as the country forges its way towards becoming the economic superpower of the globe. Luxury products are a sign of power and wealth here, which explains that the Chinese prefer to fork out on XO and older Cognacs, as well as special limited editions worth a fortune.

Scarcity Sells

Of course, there’s nothing like a concern that a product is going to be difficult to get hold of that will make it even more desirable. And with the growing desire for older Cognacs – VSOP, XO and older – and the penchant for actually drinking it, rather than holding onto it as a collector’s item, aged Cognacs are becoming a product that might well prove somewhat more tricky to get hold of in future years. After all, the only way that Cognac becomes old is to be aged in the barrel – and until someone comes up with a way of speeding up the years, producers and consumers alike have no choice but to patiently await the passage of time.

Modern Marketing

The fact that many Cognac houses have pulled their marketing strategies into the 21st century has also greatly helped with the image of the drink. Cleverly embracing a new modern approach, Cognac marketing is truly aimed towards attracting the world’s successful and stylish drinker.

Now more than ever, Cognac is considered a drink of prosperity. A drink enjoyed by those who savor the good things in life, love sophisticated elegance, and aren’t afraid to show it in their choice of tipple. And, let’s be honest, it does round off a decadent dinner party… Santé!

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