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Virtuous and ‘Scent-sational’: 7Virtues Fragrances

The 7 Virtues Beauty Inc. is a Canadian company that believes we must flex our buying power to empower families in countries that are rebuilding. Their made in Canada fragrance collection is created with essential oils from nations that are rebuilding.



This ambrosial blend is a crisp and cool fusion of Sweetie Grapefruit essential oil of Israel with Basil and Lime essential oils of Iran with a warm heart of Cedar Wood and Bamboo . The citrus kick that leaps from the classic bottle is anchored by the warm dry down that won out of six variations selected by members of the Canadian fashion community. Known for its democratic nature, The 7 Virtues engages citizens and industry leaders to select and name its fragrances, guiding the made in Canada award winning socially conscious brand.

“After moderating the panel on the Middle East for the Halifax Security forum I wanted to create a fragrance that would highlight the bridging of these nations,” says CEO & Honorary Colonel, RCAF, Barb Stegemann. “When we watched the We Love you Iran & Israel campaign asking all of us to show ways that citizens can demonstrate respect between Israel and Iran, we felt something so intense it could only be expressed in a thought provoking fragrance.”

About Founder Barb Stegemann and the Origin of 7Virtues

Author, CEO, now fragrance mogul, Barb Stegemann created s7Virtues. Born out of tragedy while running her boutique PR firm, after tragedy struck her best friend, wounded in Afghanistan, Barb promised him she would support his mission of peace through economic development. She wrote a bestselling book, The 7 Virtues of a Philosopher Queen, to empower women (and men) to live with the stoic wisdom taught through the centuries. She dedicated the book to her friend.

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