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Velvenoir + Steininger = ART x INTERIOR : breaking boundaries between contemporary art and interior design


Taking contemporary art out of the “white cube” space and placing it into high-end interior design concepts to allow collectors to experience art in a completely new way and to gather everything from one trusted source – steininger.designers.

Through ART x INTERIOR the STEININGER Showroom in Vienna is redefining the modern lifestyle in interiors, offering a curated selection of contemporary art placed in designs that are beautifully made, which tell a story of authenticity and integrity. This innovative concept shown for the first time is an open invitation to discover contemporary art outside of the ‘white cube’ space and a special showcase of works of art within the ambience of an exclusive interior showroom.

The ART x INTERIOR collaboration started with Alexandra Schafer, Managing Director, VELVENOIR, describing her vision for a contemporary art placed in a high-end interior design space. „Interior designers should be part of the selection process when designing the home of their clients“, says Schafer. In cooperation with Jurgen Hamberger, Creative Director, steininger.designers ART x INTERIOR has been established as an outstanding collaboration that breaks the boundaries on the traditional ways to experience art. International art consultants from the VELVENOIR network and interior designers from steininger.designers attended the private opening to share their opinion on merging the two disciplines within their future projects.

blankArt consultant Alexandra Schafer (VELVENOIR) and Creative Director Jurgen Hamberger (steininger.designers) selected each piece to include a melange of site-specific installations and carefully considered fine art pieces that complement the entire concept. The curated collection holds works by an international array of museum standard established and emerging artists. These include abstract paintings by Chen Ping (China), Luisa Maria Hernandez (Chile), Dusica Pejic (Serbia), fine art photography by Jérémie Lenoir (France) and Javiera Estrada (USA), neon artist Olivia Steele (USA), sculptures by Heike Cornelissen (Germany) and Jos Out (Netherlands) and installations by Carl McCrow (UK) which are exhibited alongside both the steininger.designers interior design concept and the exclusive kitchens of steininger masterpieces.

ART x INTERIOR was the kick off exhibition between VELVENOIR and steininger.designers. Combining wide-ranging, in-depth knowledge with a clear understanding of the power of art to add ambience, sophistication and personality to a well-designed interior is the core aim of the collaboration the both firms are aiming for.

Art is a key element of all steininger.designers projects. The decorative aspect, in the form of sculptures, fine art photography and paintings is indispensable to the design. All of our clients have a desire for decoration – entirely individual,” remarked Jurgen Hamberger, Creative Director at steininger.designers

blank“Through this collaboration, we are now able to offer clients, our international art portfolio directly through the team of steininger.designers. The curated selection of art placed within the design concept of the showroom invites clients to experience contemporary art in a completely new way. For me, it was essential to collaborate with a strong partner such as steininger.designers to push the boundaries on how clients experience art.” – Alexandra Schafer, Managing Director VELVENOIR

“A core of international art consultants has come together to shape outstanding and inspiring ART x INTERIOR experiences for art collectors and design enthusiasts alike. The VELVENOIR Network gather a body of young female art specialists worldwide, that I am honored to be part of.” Claire Alliot Soto, Paris Palma Art Advisory “The juxtaposition of art and design creates a dialogue within the space that heightens the beholder’s experience. STEININGER’s iconic minimalist aesthetic and clean lines are offset by Chen Ping’s textured abstract paintings which were previously exhibited at the Guangdong Museum of Art in Beijing.” – Ariane Belise, Art Advisor AIB – London

blankThe high-end living concepts are complete interior design solutions in which nothing is left to chance – from the choice of flooring to the interior fittings, to the lighting – and everything is adapted to meet the customer’s wishes and needs, right down to the very last detail. “Aesthetics are a function too” is the motto of Martin Steininger’s, owner and designer of STEININGER. The products and interior designs that are created radiate puristic modernity and luxurious simplicity, with function hidden behind clean-lined aesthetics – in line with the motto.

Now, through the latest collaboration established during the ART x INTERIOR launch steininger.designers work with the in-house art consultancy, the international VELVENOIR network, to incorporate fine art into their clients’ designs. The solutions that are realised are always luxurious and extravagant, individually customised to match each client‘s desire. To tailor each project to each client, the network will assist the team of steininger.designers on future projects to make unique artworks from international emerging and established artists available, to create projects with a personal and unique aesthetic.

The concept behind ART x INTERIOR is a unique symbiosis of interior design and art and was on display at the STEININGER showroom from the 3rd of March until the 3rd of April.

VELVENOIR is an international contemporary art consultancy and gallery, focused on residential, commercial and hotel clients. We pride ourselves in implementing the highest quality of service and providing unique artwork to build and elevate a beautiful space. We recognise each project is unique and will provide comprehensive project management from concept visualisation to installation of the art on-site. Over the years, we have built professional relationships with artists and art consultants across the world. Through our international network, we offer various mediums and forms based on an indepth understanding and appreciation of each artist’s individual practice. The international network consists of art consultants, advisors, and curators, working independently on various projects and collaborating with the network to ensure an outstanding outcome for all our projects.

steininger.designers offer a holistic interior design approach, where close dialogues with the clients, result in unique individual living spaces. Customised workmanship from their own in house production team, combined with applying objects from renowned furniture brands, such as Boffi, Casalis, Living Divani, Porro and Paola Lenti, allow steininger.designers the ability to deliver an impressive and original overall impression. The steininger masterpieces kitchens furniture, embodies everything that STEININGER stands for by using their own onsite factory to capture it’s characteristics by combining sensuous materials, precise design details and innovative manufacturing techniques. steininger.architecture develops pure, visionary high-end-concepts. Everyone working together, they focus on the essentials, then the essence of architecture comes through. Consultancy, planning, production, delivery and installation, all coming from a single source, guarantees STEININGER a high level of service and quality as well as a smooth process from conception to completion. This philosophy is carried out for both their Austrian projects as well as the international client base.


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