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Travel Wardrobe: Chic and Comfortable

How many times have you arrived to your destination and your clothes are rumpled, mismatched and awkward to pair together making dressing well and feeling good an unusual challenge?

We have such a limited wardrobe when you are away from home and carrying little is typically desired because of weight issues, cost of extra bags and having to lug them around. So what’s a chic traveler to do? Choose solid colors and go monochromatic!

Having a simple patternless monochromatic color palate is chic and guaranteed mix-and-match enabled for easy layering. With the right type of pieces, your favorites added combined with destination suited items, will offer you a wider variety of outfits to choose from. Perfect for strolling through the museums through to dinner. Want to add a bit of color or dress it up for evening? A simple additions of accessories, a colored scarf, shoes, coat or pashmina and it will look like a completely different outfit.

The Travel

Comfort, function and elegance are the mantra here. Arrive in style and looking great. This chic pairing is fashionable, functional, and wears well: A tunic with matte jersey pants or refined knit straight leg with flats and a pashmina; which doubles as a blanket. Add to this a pair of earplugs to block out plane noise and an eye mask to block out the light and this is a never-fail winning combination indeed!


Stick to wearing pieces you would normally wear in your day to day life and you will infinitely feel and look better. Trips are not time for your dainty dresses and fabrics instead veer towards items that will wash easily, wear well and stand the rigors of living out of a suitcase. If traveling to exotic or international destinations, check before hand if there are any cultural specific clothing issues and pack accordingly to avoid potentially embarrassing situations.

Travel Basics

While this list is not complete this is a great base. Add to it seasonal pieces depending on where you are headed and your favorites for the perfect travel wardrobe.


Great wardrobe staple for all types of weather. Finishes off an outfit. Great for layering. In cool weather pair with a scarf or pashmina or over a sundress to give it a little polish or when coming in from the heat into an air conditioned place.

Remember, these are not pants! This is step one. Step two, always wear with a tunic or under skirts to glide over the lumps and bumps. This is a must for a polished look, give you added comfort and sophistication.

Perfect for daytime and moves well into evening with the right accessories and a scarf if desired.

Not just any flats for travel will do! Be sure they have a good sturdy sole, are very comfortable and made for walking as they will be taking a lot of punishment during your trip.


This is a great place to add color to your wardrobe. They are light and easy to pack so you can tuck in a few extra without taking up too much space in your luggage.

Great as a blanket, piece for layering and added style to your outfit.

Knee-length Skirt
Goes great with the leggings for daytime or stockings for evening, comfortable and very wearable for all types of weather and situations.

Refined knit pants with a bit of stretch
Nothing can make the day miserable than pants that are too tight. Select pants with a little give will wear better, wrinkle less and be much more comfortable. Also be sure to choose a pair that as a high enough rise.


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