Transform your home into a haven and sanctuary

There are many times in our lives that can be busy, especially during the holidays. The rush towards celebrating the festivities is typically fraught with a lot of activities that can be stressful. Added to the mix this year are the effects of our changing world, our living in isolation in efforts to curb the spread of the pandemic and the results that this major lifestyle shift can have on our state of mind and well being. We all need ways to ease the stresses and strains.

Create a Luxurious Haven at Home and Luxuriate in your Sanctuary

Time to indulge in some moments of luxuriation. This is something we all need more of in our lives. What does it mean to luxuriate? The definition of ‘luxuriate‘ according to the Oxford dictionary is “enjoy oneself in a luxurious way; take self-indulgent delight.”

Low grade stress can grow and stops us from relaxing. These luxurious touches can dissolve this type of anxiety and allows you to fully relax and recharge. Here are some tips for luxuriant transformation of home into a sanctuary ideal for self care we hope melts away your stresses and allows you to ease into longer homestays and better enjoy your life’s moments in your own sanctuary.

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Transform your Home into a Haven & Sanctuary

This will make being at home a pleasure and make you feel good. A home that’s a refuge will have a positive effect because human behaviour is influenced by their environment. For a home to be a haven, you have to want to be there. If you find yourself wishing you were somewhere else, look back to your past for clues as to what created the association with home. To refresh your space into a haven, here are a few tips, this is by no means an exhaustive list but a few to help make your space more enticing and set the scene for a sanctuary experience.

Set The Scene


Invest in calming lighting, full-spectrum bulbs that simulate natural lighting which is very calming. In the evening, add candles for a warm glow. Go for ambient lighting versus overhead to create a cozier feel. During the day, let in natural light to boost well being and clarity of thought.

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Set the Scene with Sound

The right music sets the scene for relaxation and improved mood. To soothe and calm, select mellow sounds or classical because high frequencies stimulate the nervous system.

Set the Ideal Temperature

Set the temperature just right, not too hot not too cold for ideal for comfort wherever you are and whatever time of year it may be.

UNIQUE HOMESTAYS – Little Scarlet. Burford, Oxfordshire, The Cotswolds, UK

Luxuriate in Bed

Transform your bed into a refuge for lounging, snoozing and gentle reading. Activities designed to relax not stimulate. No work desks, or paperwork, keep the energy in your sleep space, tranquil and serene.

Add Scent

Essential oils in the air is an ideal way to fragrance your space. Whether you use a nebulizing diffuser or scented candle. You can also light a soy or beeswax candle, allow the wax to form a puddle and put a few drops of select essential oil like lavender, chamomile or vanilla in the puddle and it will fragrance the space. Select fragrances that suit the season, like lilacs in summer and orange and spice in the winter.

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Think Comfort 

Comfort is key in a sanctuary. Cushions, soft fabrics and furniture that is relaxing, pleasing to the touch, to sit and rest upon and arranged for optimal enjoyment, whether its to take in any views and always arranged for ideal traffic flow in your space.

Fresh Air 

Regularly keep the air circulating in your home. Open windows and let in fresh air to refresh your space since indoor air is 2 – 5x more polluted than outdoor air. Start your day by opening the window or door to breathe deeply and let fresh air inside. Especially in times when we are having to lockdown, this simple ritual goes a long way for your sense of well being.

Fresh Herbs

Bring some the outdoors in and grow calming herbs, delicious to eat, pretty to look at and calming to the senses. Ideal herbs are Lemon Balm, good for easing anxiety, Lavender for relaxation, Peppermint for digestion upsets and German indigestion for calming nerves and indigestion.

Moods and Color

Especially in rooms designed for relaxing and sleep, the colors on walls, fabrics and furnishings should be of soft, soothing colors that don’t stimulate. Earthy tones are ideal, thought to be calm energy producing, like earthy reds and dark pinks.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are always a good idea. Just to be around them is uplifting and of course, stop and smell them from time to time. Fresh flowers encourage a range of health benefits, boost your stamina, increase your mood, refresh your memory, minimise tension, improve relationships and encourage feelings of peace. Depending on the colour and aroma, different flowers inspire different results.


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