Top 7 Luxury Summer Destinations

Whisking yourself away on a summer holiday is an exciting experience. Taking a luxury holiday increases the excitement factor and adds blissful self indulgence.

Waldorf Astoria New York luxury guest room
Waldorf Astoria New York luxury guest room

Luxury travel destinations pamper and by their very nature are meant to indulge all the senses. There are so many luxury travel destinations around the globe since the late 1990’s when surging levels of affluence increased the demand. Travel and hotels that were once only affordable by the affluent has changed immensely. What was once considered luxury and elite has in the past opened up and is much more accessible to meet the growing need. Depending on which luxury experience appeals to you, branded hotels, cruises, resorts, beaches or something else, much more await the luxury traveler.

Beach:  Aman Resorts, Bali

Powder white sandy beaches and crystal clear water surrounded by spectacular views, a mountainous region offering total seclusion in an exotic location with a rich ancient culture. A serene resort in one of the most beautiful places on earth is an experience to behold. Surrender to it and immerse yourself in this restorative and breathtaking location.

City:  Waldorf-Astoria Hotel

The urban enthusiast’s paradise, filled with shopping, food, wine, spas, art galleries, museums, architecture, cocktails, all spent in the lap of luxury. The hotel itself is a vacation destination, where you can take a walking tour of this historic hotel, dine, experience great architecture and so much more!

Cruise:  Silversea Cruises

Sail away on a luxury vacation with an endless ocean view and scenery that changes by the minute on a luxurious moving city that includes an all-suite ship with butlers,  enjoy a spa treatment, dine at one of its six restaurants, experience wine tastings, lounge in the library and of course, get lots of fresh air.

Antiques:  The Paris Flea Market

Steeped in adventure, surrounded by unique objects from days done by, antique lovers can immerse themselves in the culture and in beholding little pieces of history. Experience this, the biggest antique market in the world spanning (7 hectares). A combination of multiple markets all spilling with so many treasures it’s overwhelming. The perfect place to stay for this holiday? The Pavillion de la Reine, a gorgeous, ivy-covered hotel

European Country

Provence Villas
Sloping vineyards, fields of lavenders and sunflowers galore describes this famous area of France. Explore ancient history, outdoor markets, olive groves, the villages and so much more. Perhaps you’d like to rent a Chateau? Luxury awaits when you rent a private villa to stay in and enjoy the stunning countryside.

Tuscany Villas
Rolling hills, medieval villages, stone villas, the magical scenery of the beautiful countryside while walking on winding trails, makes for a memorable vacation to the Tuscany area that you can experience in your own private villa. So much to see and do in this historic area from food, wine and taking in the sights and much more. Or perhaps you’d like to take a cooking vacation in Tuscany? Here are a few lovely schools with luxe accommodations.

Golf:   Fairmont Golf
Pristine courses, immaculately cared for and beautifully laid out with stunning views are a golfers paradise. There is nothing quite like playing on a course that was skillfully carved out and is cared for with great care and attention as on a luxury course. The elegance of staying at one of the Fairmont Hotels tops off this golf lovers vacations, and they offer various destinations across the globe.


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