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Paspaley Pearling Company was founded in 1932 and is the largest and oldest pearling company operating in Australia whilst remaining a family founded and operated business. Having expanded beyond jewelry making, Paspaley is also involved in several businesses that support the pearling industry.

Founder, the late Nicholas Paspaley MBE, an immigrant from Greece to Australia at the age of 19, came of age in the wooden pearling lugger he bought and fell passionately in love with pearls and went on to create the foundations of a company that would revolutionise the pearling industry.

Their divers have scoured the seabeds off Australia’s northwest in search of the rare Pinctada maxima oyster for over 80 years. Back in the 1950’s overfishing and the invention of the plastic button nearly led the natural pearl beds into extinction. Innovations came out of that period that precipitated dramatic change – the cultivation of pearls became the focus in Australia, inspired by the successes with the same in Japan.

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Photo courtesy of Paspaley.
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Nicholas Paspaley AC with the Paspaley Pearl, circa 2003. Photo courtesy of Paspaley.

Committed to protecting the pristine and natural oceans of Northern Australia they are driven by the philosophy to ‘leave no footprint’. With a long standing appreciation of the knowledge that a pearl’s quality and beauty is intrinsically influenced by the waters in which it grows.

The Australian South Sea pearl oyster thrives only in a miniscule area of the Indian Ocean, the only area in the world where the warm plankton-rich waters can produce the magnificent and prized South Sea pearl. Only the finest pearls, a mere five per cent from their pearl harvest, are selected for Paspaley jewellery and strands.

Editor Selects Paspaley Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are a must-have item in every stylish woman’s wardrobe. The enduring love for pearls, whether expressed in a traditional manner, or in a more modern configuration is seeing a resurgence in favor in those who wear jewelry and seek polish, but not flash. Their beauty is eternal, a little mysterious, classic and fresh. Admired for their beauty, elegance and simplicity, there has been a fascination with this gemstone for ages. No matter the wardrobe, from the simplicity of jeans and a top through the traditional pairings of wedding, cocktail dresses and ball gowns, pearls are always just right. The collections by Paspaley are very captivating and elegant statements for the timeless luxury loving woman. There is a sense of play and interaction between designer, craftsman and artist in the making of the Paspaley pearl jewelry. Each one is designed with such great attention to detail, to movement and the natural essence of the gem. Paspaley makes some of my favorite jewelry pieces when it comes to pearl jewelry.

Maxima Bracelet

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This beautiful contemporary design features iridescent Paspaley mother-of-pearl and white diamonds, inspired by the reflecting the movement of the ocean. Paspaley bracelet featuring mother-of-pearl set in 18kt yellow gold with 18 white diamonds (0.30ct). Love the fluid and delicate nature of the shape.


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The Paspaley Lavalier

Inspired by the nautical ropes used to harvest wild pearl oysters in one of the most remote and pristine locations on the planet, Lavalier enables you to create a unique one-of-a-kind piece: Your favourite Australian South Sea pearl, encased in a delicate gold mesh net. Love the presentation and added dazzle to how the pearl is embraced. Very eye catching and distinctive!


H15N30R 18R ADV


Monsoon Wrap Ring – Yellow Gold

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Featuring their signature petal design, the Monsoon wrap ring displays a beautiful Paspaley pearl, making a simple yet elegantly bold statement. Paspaley Monsoon Ring in 750 Yellow Gold with a 9mm Oval Australian South Sea Pearl and 69 White Diamonds (0.72ct).


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Following the lines of the Kimberley’s geometric rock formations, these earrings inspired by nature, showcase versatility and can be worn to show either Paspaley mother-of-pearl or lapis lazuli. Paspaley Megisti earrings featuring mother-of-pearl set in 18kt yellow gold, with lapis and 104 white diamonds (0.60ct).


“All art is autobiographical; the pearl is the oyster’s autobiography.” – Frederico Fellini

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Main photo features model Pia Miller for Paspaley. All photos courtesy of Paspaley. All rights reserved.

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