Timeless Luxury – Blue and White Porcelain: Discover Royal Delft

There is something so fetching about the classic blue and white on porcelain. The combination is timeless, elegant, crisp and beautiful. Adding a cheerful element to the home, the color contrast pops, a burst of that incredible blue can brighten even the grayest day. Regardless for what time period the pieces come from, they all flow together so seamlessly. Blue and white porcelain makes a fabulous presentation for any room in the home, and great for food and table. Once company that comes to mind in the world of porcelain is the excellence, history and heritage of Royal Delft.

Royal Delft

Blue and White Porcelain

The Royal Delft, Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles is the only remaining factory of 32 earthenware factories that were established in Delft in the 17th century.

“De Porceleyne Fles” ( The Porcelain Jar) was founded in 1653 by David Anthonisz. v. d. Pieth, at the Oosteinde in Delft. In the second half of the 16th century, there were factories in Amsterdam, Haarlem and Middelburg that produced multicoloured (or polychrome) earthenware.

Dutch potters learned this trade from their Italian colleagues. Dutch seamen caught several cargos containing Chinese porcelain and introduced it to the Dutch. tradesmen with the Dutch East India Company (founded in 1602) brought back large quantities of Chinese porcelain from the Far East.

This type of porcelain, which was decorated in blue on a white background, was very popular among the Dutch, and soon afterwards Dutch potters started to imitate it.

In 1876 Joost Thooft, a delft engineer, bought the factory with the intention of restoring the old tradition of producing hand painted Delft Blue. Knowing that confidence was lost in the older, fragile earthenware, he realised that rigorous changes to the technique were needed. Together with Abel Labouchere, his associate since 1884, succeeded in finding a mixture of clay that resembled the stronger, white English earthenware. and from then on, they produced a product that obtained worldwide fame. As a token of appreciation for the efforts the company had made since 1876 to restore the fame of Delft and the ceramics industry in general, the predicate “Royal” was granted to The Porceleyne Fles in 1919.

Visit the Museum Online

Thanks to technology, you can explore them from afar. Discover everything about the history, the craft and the innovation of this royal company during a visit to the Royal Delft Experience. This visit was made possible by Dutch VR. Visit museum here



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