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The world’s most exclusive holidays

Explore the world’s most exclusive holidays

There’s a unique niche of exclusive holidays that cater to the world’s wealthiest, discerning travellers that seek out only the very best luxury vacation experiences that money can buy. Whether it be aboard a luxury superyacht, a stay in an exclusive hotel, or an out-of-this-world experience, these exclusive holidays are set apart by their unbelievable levels of luxury, incredible service, breath-taking locations, and exceptional amenities.

If you’re searching for an exclusive holiday, unlike any other, then check out our guide to the best of the best.

The world’s most exclusive holidays

Exclusive holidays Moonlight II The world’s most exclusive holidays - EAT LOVE SAVOR International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Charter a luxury superyacht

The world’s wealthiest who desire an incredible exclusive holiday in some of the world’s most desired destinations opt to charter a luxury superyacht. With a dedicated crew ready to cater to your every need, the world’s largest yachts for charter are built to offer a first-class all-inclusive luxury holiday.

How about cruising the azure blue waters of the Mediterranean aboard the 94-metre M/Y MOONLIGHT II, one of the world’s largest and most impressive charter motor yachts? This incredible yacht boasts 18 cabins, a spa, gym, cinema, and fantastic deck space for enjoying al fresco meals or for soaking up the warm Mediterranean sun. Her 34 crew are ready to cater to you and your guests every need, offering a holiday of a lifetime.

Or, for those that fancy an exclusive holiday that offers adventure without limits, why not charter the luxury Damen built explorer yacht LA DATCHA. Built to ice-class standards and purposefully designed to explore the world’s most remote destinations this extraordinary 77-metre yacht offers 12 staterooms and a dedicated crew of 19. Boasting unparalleled levels of luxury, guests can also enjoy an enviable number of tenders and toys, including two helicopters, snow scooters, and a submersible. Whether it’s exploring the glacier-filled waters of Antarctica, or discovering uninhabited tropical islands, a stay aboard LA DATCHA is guaranteed to offer an unforgettable luxury vacation.

The world’s most exclusive holidays - EAT LOVE SAVOR International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Spectacular hotels

If you’d rather keep your feet on dry land, then why not enjoy an exclusive holiday at one of the world’s most spectacular resorts?

The sail-shaped Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai is described as one of the world’s only seven-star hotels and is where the ultra-wealthy head to enjoy a luxury vacation amidst the warmth of the Emirate sun.

Guests are greeted at the airport by one of the hotel’s fleet of white Rolls Royce Phantoms, or whisked to the resort by private helicopter. Once there the incredible amenities include, a pristine private beach, exotic aquarium, nine bars and restaurants, spa and fitness centre.

The world’s wealthiest know that the suite to plump for is the outrageously lavish Royal Suite. It spans more than 8,000 square feet and comes with a lounge, library, and cinema. Accessed by a private elevator, it is deemed one of the most expensive hotel rooms in the world and offers an exclusive holiday experience.

Exclusive holidays galactic travel The world’s most exclusive holidays - EAT LOVE SAVOR International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Galactic travel

For a luxury vacation experience that is simply out of this world, then reserve your seat to space. Boasting life-changing views and the opportunity to experience the freedom of weightlessness, a trip to space is without a doubt one of the most exclusive holiday experiences that money can buy.

The first space tourist was American multimillionaire Dennis Tito. In 2001 he paid some US$20 million to travel to the International Space Station. Since then, six more space tourists have enjoyed this incredibly exclusive holiday aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft.

The US space agency Nasa is working towards allowing tourists to visit the International Space Station. Space enthusiasts will be able travel on Elon Musk’s SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft, on Boeing’s spacecraft Starliner, or with Richard Branson’s aerospace company Virgin Galactic.

Other companies in the race to take tourists into space include Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin. Six space tourists will be able to travel aboard Blue Origin’s New Shephard, a reusable suborbital rocket, which will take guests past the Karman line, the internationally recognized boundary of space, before returning to Earth.

What luxury holiday destinations and exclusive holiday experiences would you add to our guide?


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