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The True Wealth Project Podcast Presents: Why we need to give our children financial education

In The True Wealth Podcast series Sascha Janzen brings topics around the deeper meaning of wealth, impact and succession to our readers.

You have a level of financial wealth in your life and are asking yourself “What now?” Join Sascha in exploring the answers to this and other questions around finding and creating True Wealth. In the True Wealth Project Podcast Sascha interviews guests with particular insights, expertise or success around the 3 core areas of #Wealth #Impact #Succession.

In this episode he explores, together with Robert J. Gardner, co-founder of Redington and Investment Director at St. James’s Place Wealth Management, why you need a 100-year vision to tackle financial education for all children and responsible investment to stop climate change.

Also find out:

  • Why financial education is so important on a worldwide basis
  • That only 30% of questioned people worldwide were able to answer 3 basic questions about the effect of interest, inflation and the risk/return relationship
  • That our money habits are formed by the age of 7 and financial education is not part of primary school curricula
  • That intellectual property is the best philanthropic tool for businesses
  • Which 3-5 initial steps to take to start giving your children a financial education
  • How Rob is determined to stop climate change supported by responsible investment

About Robert J. Gardner

Rob has co-founded two successful business (Redington and mallowstreet) and Redstart, a financial education charity. He is author of the children’s book “”Save Your Acorns”” to help 4 to 6 year olds learn about saving, investing and sharing. In 2017 he gave a TEDx talk on the importance of teaching our children about money – If you leave your children one thing, make it this. Rob chairs the Children’s Financial Education Policy Council. Which helped raise over £1 million to fund MyBnk. He is also a Member of the World Economic Forum Retirement Council.


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