The True Wealth Project Podcast Presents: How to kick-start your legacy

In The True Wealth Podcast series Sascha Janzen brings topics around the deeper meaning of wealth, impact and succession to our readers.

You have a level of financial wealth in your life and are asking yourself “What now?” Join Sascha in exploring the answers to this and other questions around finding and creating True Wealth. In the True Wealth Project Podcast Sascha interviews guests with particular insights, expertise or success around the 3 core areas of #Wealth #Impact #Succession.

In this episode he explores how to kick-start your legacy with Laura A. Roser, founder of Paragon Road. They also talk about your inevitable decision to create an accidental or intentional legacy and the fact that building a legacy has little to with money or wealth but a lot to do with your relationships.

About Laura A. Roser

Laura A. Roser is the Founder and CEO of Paragon Road and expert in Meaning Legacy planning or non-financial estate planning, i.e. passing on your wisdom, values, and beliefs. She is also the Amazon #1 bestselling author of “Your Meaning Legacy: How to Cultivate & Pass On Non-Financial Assets.” Her company, Paragon Road, assists families, business leaders and philanthropists with passing on their non-financial assets. Paragon Road has been featured by Kiplinger, Reader’s Digest, Advisors in Philanthropy, Georgetown University, Purposeful Planning Institute and others.

Thank you to the fine team at Janzen & Co providing EAT LOVE SAVOR® with this podcast.

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