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The Romance of Traveling Alone

Woman with blue suitcaseTraveling alone can be a most indulging experience, take author of ‘Eat Pray Love’ Elizabeth Gilbert’s experience for example. What a monumental experience!

There is a stigma and old ideology that being alone is bad. Venturing on the road alone is a great way to connect with yourself, is empowering and is naturally a great way to grow and learn more about ourselves. It matters not the duration or destination, but more the experience that matters. You can take a short trip or a day excursion, an overnight or longer.

Solo Getaways

Or imagine whisking off to somewhere with no one else to worry about but yourself and no other rules but your own? No worries about whether their travel habits are compatible with yours, do what you want, when you want, wrap yourself in peacefulness or enjoy a lively time depending on the experience, then back to the quiet of your hotel room or out for a meal and enjoy great moments of stillness and peace, take in the sights in a more introspective manner and do things on your own timetable. Even a solo getaway to an adjacent town, renting a hotel room, taking yourself out for a great meal, then back to the room for a long bubble bath, movie, book reading, or out for a picture, coffee and pick up a new magazine, there is so much enjoyment ahead for the lone traveler, no matter the destination or for how long! Particularly if your desired trip is something afar or abroad, there are of course some important things to consider, so be prepared, but after that, it is full steam ahead to fun! Load your MP3 with some great travel music to be the background of your voyage.

Exploring New Cultures

When traveling to exotic locations, being careful about the cultural differences and customs is essential to avoid potentially embarrassing situations or worse! Traveling alone also calls for a few additional considerations in what to pack and how to carry your belongings while journeying on your own. Pack accordingly. Remember, certain tourist-typical behaviors can make you stand out. If you like to write, this is a super time to take a trip and do all the journaling you’d like.

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