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With a sterling reputation for superyachts that effortlessly combine luxury with performance, Ocean Alexander could have been content to rest on its laurels.

However, due to a collaborative design between renowned yacht designer Evan K. Marshall and Arrabito Naval Architects, Ocean Alexander has added a new dimension to their brand with the exciting new “Revolution” line, which was debuted at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat show with the Ocean Alexander 90R.

Ocean Alexander has an interesting origin story: it was created in 1977 as the result of a friend being unable to pay back a loan; entrepreneur Alex Chueh received a shipyard as payment instead. The company remains a family business – his son Johnny Chueh took over leadership of the company in 2000.

A Passion for Engineering

This Taiwanese company, with facilities in both Taiwan and the United States, has a dedicated focus on engineering quality: their designs are engineered using a type of 3-D Modeling called Finite Element Analysis; they utilize aluminum I-beams in the yacht’s construction, making them ten times more rigid than wood or fiberglass; and their yachts incorporate a very sophisticated sound-insulation technology that results in a quiet, smooth ride. Of the hull design requirements, Naval Architect Giuseppe Arrabito elaborates: “The hull needed to provide a very smooth performance with rough sea conditions and also optimum seakeeping properties at various speeds and sea conditions.” Arrabito concludes, “These are trademarks of the Ocean Alexander brand that had to be included in this new series.”


Photo courtesy Ocean Alexander

Wide Open Spaces and the Pleasures of Being at Sea

The 90R is clearly a yacht that is all about the sensory pleasures of being at sea. The living and entertaining spaces have been re-imagined to provide even more of an expansive feel; the floor-to ceiling windows in the salon provide a magical sense of being encased in a perfectly secured bubble that reaches its culmination in the glass-encased beach house (with its own wet bar), perfect for enjoying either sunrise or sunset. This is all topped off by an open-plan sky lounge, which features an upper saloon and bar.

Photo courtesy Ocean Alexander

Designer Evan K. Marshall is assured of the new design direction that this represents for Ocean Alexander: “With the new 90R, we have taken this collaboration one step further, introducing a completely new design language which retains the core DNA of Ocean Alexander yachts while creating a new modern and exciting styling language the future. We are confident that this new bold design direction for Ocean Alexander will be met with the more success and will continue to expand the appeal of Ocean Alexander yachts internationally.”

Nikki Glenn

Nikki Glenn is a violinist and vocalist with a repertoire of jazz instrumentals and smooth easy listening vocals. Affectionately known as the Yacht Violinist for performances at the Miami and Ft. Lauderdale International boat shows, Nikki’s clients include YachtZoo, Ocean Alexander, Jet Linx St. Louis, and the Four Seasons St. Louis. Nikki provides music with personality and style, specializing in private and corporate events, private jet, and yacht industries. “I offer something different by performing electric violin instrumentals and vocals tailored to requests. You can expect that your guests will find my music pleasantly refreshing and surprisingly varied."

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