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The Masterful 100: Top 100 Luxury Experts and Brands List

EAT LOVE SAVOR® Selects The Masterful 100 (2017) – The List of the Top 100 Luxury Brands and Experts

The list of The Masterful 100 luxury brands and experts has been curated and released, according EAT LOVE SAVOR® International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine. The top brands and luxury experts on this list are all powerful and influential visionaries and leaders focused on True Luxury, Unique Achievement, Timelessness and the Pursuit of Excellence.

The list is presented compiled into a beautifully photographed special print and digital issue that has been said by luxury professionals around the world to be “a masterpiece” “a beautiful magazine, full of verbal grace and beautiful imagery” “the definitive list in the industry” and a “must read for true luxury lovers and connoisseurs”. Order your copy of the timeless print edition here.

Focused on True Luxury

The only authentic meaning to the word luxury… true luxury… lies in the DNA of true luxury brands and in the notions of “unique achievement”, knowledge, purpose and timelessness, which is not achievable for all brands who think themselves to be luxury”. With this in mind, a criteria for the list was formed.

Selection Criteria

Our selection criteria for The Masterful 100 list is based upon our 20 Touch Point Evaluation Tool as criteria measurement and the pillars of Meta-luxury as a gauge for qualification. Those luxury experts who are never-ending in their pursuit of excellence are critical in upholding the values, pillars and high standards for the future of luxury. Many of them have been doing so for a century or many more while continuing to remain relevant. This is a huge achievement and unique to few. Some newer luxury experts and brands by comparison though are still achieving similar results due to their brands ability to leave a powerful impression and excellent mark by having a strong sense of their brand’s place in time, strong DNA and follow the pillars and are true luxury. These are brands focused on timelessness, sophistication and refinements – not celebrity, trends or ‘bling’. A brands focus on the pursuit of excellence is a pivotal one in the role of preserving the true definition and legacy of luxury by making it stronger, while meeting the changing needs and evolving into the fast moving modern, digital age.

Origins and About the List

The list was curated by founder, Editor in Chief, Creative Director and Publisher, Angela Tunner, who says about the list, “Inspiration for this initiative came after reading the book “ Meta-luxury Brands and the Culture of Excellence” written by Rebecca Robins and Manfredi Ricci of Interbrand (published by Palgrave Macmillan). I felt compelled to champion the idea of honouring excellence in luxury, which fit our editorial mandate and direction plus I felt it was very important, especially during a time of great turmoil amidst the fast-changing definition of luxury. How we effectively articulate what “is” luxury has fizzled and is devoid of meaning, as it states in the book – “different business models and target audiences have used the term luxury rendering it virtually meaningless.”


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