Discover: The Luxury of Natural Perfumery

Mandy Aftel, the maker of Aftelier Perfumes is the Alchemist of Beauty in Perfumery.

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Located in a private studio in Berkeley, California,  Mandy Aftel the Founder of Aftelier Perfumes hand-blends each perfume from her collection of extraordinary essences, which she has gathered with uncompromising standards for only the finest quality 100% pure and natural materials. Mandy will often smell a dozen versions of the same oil, searching for the one that surpasses the rest. Aftelier Perfumes seeks out exotic, unusual essences from hidden corners of the world. Finding the essences is like a quest, and is an essential part of the act of creation. Through years of searching Mandy has amassed a comprehensive and strikingly beautiful palette to work from.

Capturing a Luxurious Essence in a Bottle

In each perfume, Mandy tries to capture a feeling and aesthetic experience that is modern and luxurious. With some perfumes, the first iteration is almost perfect. Others take endless revisions and weeks of blending until everything comes together in the ideal balance.

Once the formulas are developed, they are hand-blended and bottled in small batches, in the same studio in which it was created. She is involved in every aspect of the process. Mandy derives a great deal of joy when people incorporate Aftelier Perfumes into their lives and she hopes that they give you a feeling of luxury, well-being, and beauty.

What is Natural Perfumery?

Natural perfumery is the art of creating beautiful luxury fragrances using only natural essences. The botanical essences come from flowers, fruits, leaves, roots, and barks. Natural essences, unlike their synthetic counterparts, contain minute trace elements, which is why Moroccan rose smells different from Bulgarian rose or Egyptian rose.

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How do natural perfumes differ from synthetic perfumes?

It took centuries to evolve ways of extracting scent from aromatic materials. While the synthetic fragrances can sometimes approximate the dominant qualities of the natural essences, they cannot capture the same subtlety or softness, nor can they mimic the way natural perfumes evolve on the skin, uniquely in response to body chemistry.

Where should I apply natural perfumes?

Apply the perfumes on your wrists and knuckles, in your cleavage, on your neck, and on all your other pulse points. Try dabbing some on your hair, which acts as a marvelous fixative for perfume and intensifies the fragrance. 


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