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Fine Writing Instruments

The Elegance of Extra Otto

Montegrappa Extra Otto & Extra Otto Custom

Beauty is often encountered in inspiring moments. Born out of a curiosity to combine two styles of the heritage, the ‘Extra Otto’ went on to become iconic. The development of this unlikely concept can now be continued with a new colour and new freedoms in a fine writing instrument.

The basic ingredients of the luxurious Montegrappa Extra Otto merges two staples in Italian writing style. Back in 1915 Venetian manufacturing was pronounced in the octogonal profile of the Reminiscence, while The Extra 1930 is expressed in proportions and opulence, reflecting a golden age of writing.

The success of their unlikely fusion proves once again that the whole is often greater than the sum of its parts.

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Luxurious Details

A new opened version in luxurious, dark blue-colored celluloide will be available to connoisseurs with all the trapping of the original Extra Otto, which was first introduced in 2014. It’s charms are irresistible in many ways, with distinctive angles highlighted by a sparkling, filigree cap and anchored by a well-proportioned, bevelled clip.

montegrappa otto wood The Elegance of Extra Otto - EAT LOVE SAVOR International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Now with endless possibilities for the Extra Otto due to the Montegrappa Configurator, the world of Montegrappa’s platform for customization allows you to build your own, personal Extra Otto personalised solutions for 8 different features.

Bring personality to prestige with a selection of precious metals and exotic varieties of celluloid, marble, wood and mammoth ivory. Exclusive deco options are also on the palette, and personal engraving can be added to a special custom capband, ink bottle and walnut presentation case.

The number eight has intrigued scientists and spiritualists for decades, from music to mathematics, from nature to numerology. Discover its intricate, octagonal beauty and use the Montegrappa Configurator ‘s freedom to add your ideal fascinating features.

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