Take a Look Inside the Custom Designed GULFSTREAM G650 “AP”

Aurora Saboir gulfstream G650


GULFSTREAM G650 “AP” Designed by Aurora Saboir Design

Go inside a jet few will see. A jet that makes a daring statement, when flying above the clouds and back on the ground. Inside this custom interior concept designed for a Gulfstream G650 Private Jet, by Aurora Saboir is a private domain of the client in a style influenced and inspired by their desire for the use of oriental woodworks and motifs in combination with elegant and sophisticated textures and materials.

The exterior concept design establishes the colouring, custom decorative patterns, and finishing for the exterior surfaces of the Gulfstream G650 private jet – all in keeping with the dominant colours and aesthetics seen in the interior. The emerald green and mirrored steel surfaces embrace the gentle curves, sophisticated transitions, and fine lines of the jet, like a flowing ball gown.

Aurora Saboir gulfstream G650 jet

The Interior

The concept for the interior for this private jet is focused on the smallest details to embrace and present all aspects of the interior to reflect the personal brand of the Client and offering warmth and comfort of a fine home.

Aurora Saboir Gulfstream G650

Custom Details

Gracing the space are custom touches including the placement of the clients initials, custom designed patterns appearing on the carpeting, upholstery, cushions, pillows – and other surfaces to add that add to this personal expression of taste, color and space.

Aurora Saboir Gulfstream G650 interior

Built In Components

Featuring bespoke built-in component design includes bespoke built-in component design, cabin divider, cabinet, tables, side table and light fixtures to make up the core components of the space.

Aurora Saboir gulfstream jet interior table

Personal and Luxurious Touches

Gracing the tables and for the dining enjoyment of the client, the jet is outfitted with luxurious accessories to accentuate the experience including fine crystal and glass items, cutlery, tablewear and items selected for the lavatory.  Other accessories were selected from some of the most sophisticated and elegant luxury brands today including Hermés, Baccarat, Loro Piana, Bentley Home and more.

Aurora Saboir gulfstream jet design

aurora saboir gulfstream jet green exterior

The Exterior

The exterior of the Gulfstream G650 private jet received its own dressing aligned with the interior design concept.
The jet’s eye-catching appearance is due to the fine combination of the colour emerald green and the smooth curves of mirrored surfaces. The addition of a matching colour scheme for a vintage Ferrari 250 GTO resulted in a true power couple. This is a stunning and one-of-a-kind result of high-end personalization and branding at its finest.

aurora saboir gulfstream and ferrari

The Size of this jet’s total interior length is 16.33m and can accomodate 13 passengers. The exterior height is 7.82 m / exterior length: 30.4 m and the overall wingspan: 30.35 m.

This design has been recognised and shortlisted in the category of  “PRIVATE JET DESIGN – CONCEPT” at the “INTERNATIONAL YACHT&AVIATION AWARD 2022” BY DESIGN ET AL

For more information about the designer visit https://aurorasaboir.com/



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