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Superior Volcanic Water for Your Pure Luxury Experience

Nature generously shares its gifts with man, but no one knows how many more surprises it harbors until persistent seekers make the effort to find them. Fortunately, more than a century ago, one of nature’s wonderful gifts was discovered  unique mineral water originating from a volcano. The spring, thousands of years old, became a sensation, and today its water, known as Socosani, delights consumers with its unique taste and numerous health benefits. This year, the Luxury Lifestyle Awards committee recognized its quality and named it the winner in the category of The Best Luxury Water in South America. 

The story of Socosani began in 1904, when Manuel Aurelio Vinelli, a pharmaceutical chemist of Italian origin, went for a horseback ride near the town of Arequipa in Peru. Here he discovered a wonderful place, a valley naturally isolated from all kinds of pollution. The beauty of the valley stunned Vinelli – the picturesque mountain scenery with its lush reed beds was breathtaking. He gave the valley the name Soсosanifrom the word “Suq’usa,” which in the local Indian language referred to a type of reed that grew lushly in the valley. 

However, the main discovery of the scientist was not the valley itself. In addition to the unique flora, Manuel Aurelio Vinelli found mineral water springs here that originated from the melting snows on the peaks of the Chachani Volcano. Chachani is one of the highest volcanoes of the Peruvian Andes. The height of this volcano is 6,057 meters above sea level. The waters from the melting snows are naturally filtered and mineralized through the volcano’s crater and rocks and flow through underground channels to the Socosani valley, where they emerge as springs. 

Manuel Aurelio Vinelli sent water samples from the springs to France for analysis, and French scientists confirmed its unique properties. This inspired him to implement Peru’s first bottling plant, which is still located in the heart of the Socosani valley. Here the water is bottled as it comes naturally from the source, with no new ingredients added. This keeps its properties as natural as possible. From here, bottles with authentic water are sent to tables in homes, luxury restaurants, and hotels. 

Today, almost 120 years after the discovery of the springs, Socosani is a modern brand that has retained the values of the highest quality products and customer care. The high culture of demand and dedication has been what has driven the company forward for more than a century. The unique balance of minerals present in Socosani water is the source of life that the company brings to millions of people around the world. Clean, eco-efficient technology and a circular economy enable the company to have the least possible impact on the environment. 

During a comprehensive study of the brand’s activities, the experts of Luxury Lifestyle Awards appreciated not only the quality of water but also the graceful branding elements. The logo is a drop of water in which the Colca Valley-style embroidery represents the essence of Socosani – mighty volcanoes, a graceful valley with its lush flora and fauna, and, of course, the pure sources of natural mineral water. 

Published in partnership with Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

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