Summer Wardrobe: From Beach to Evening

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” said by Leonardo DaVinci, and this applies to fashion. When it comes to going from beach to evening seamlessly, the sophisticated woman appreciates the genius of effortlessly looking chic.

Ideally, an evening out is planned in advance offering sufficient time to return home and change. But what of those lovely spontaneous invitations or opportunities that come inspired from a fun day-at-the-beach that beg to be carried on into the evening?  There is one way to be ready for anything, and that is, to be ready for anything. It’s easy to achieve, and all it takes is adding one little article of clothing stowed safely in your tote bag, with a few extras tucked in to dress it up. What is it? A Shift or Sheath Dress!  This versatile dress can effortlessly transform you from day to evening.  If the dress is chosen well, it also becomes the perfect the dress for nearly any occasion.

The Origins of Sheath, Shift and The Little Black Dress

The shift and sheath dress originated as the sack dress in the 1920’s worn by a fun loving group of ladies labeled ‘The Flappers” for their love of dancing and frivolity. The next evolution of this dress style is linked back to a 1926 publication of American Vogue showcasing a calf-length, black straight dress decorated only with a few diagonal lines, designed by Coco Chanel. This dress and Chanel are considered the origins of the infamous Little Black Dress. This dress style evolved in the 1960’s and was famously first worn by Jackie Kennedy. The shift dress, a darted waist less dress that it is today can be worn by nearly all body types. The sheath dress was also designed in the 1960’s by Hubert de Givenchy. It was famously worn by Audrey Hepburn. Both remained very popular throughout the 1960’s and beyond. Truly versatile dresses that can easily go from casual to elegant, making you look well put together even with minimal accessories. Neither has ever gone out of style. True classics.

This type of dress is perfect for toting around because it travels well and can be dressed down or up with a simple change of shoes, jewelry and bag. Pack it with care to ensure it stays wrinkle free. Wrapping it in tissue paper then in a plastic or reusable bag inside your tote will keep it protected. When choosing a dress, be sure to select one that fits a little longer and it will always look classy. Dresses that are too short, run the risk of looking too casual and leaving you overexposed, unless worn with legging. Chose it in black, it becomes timelessly elegant. Little details of a signature piece of jewelry like a big ring or statement necklace will instantly change your look. Choose jeweled shoes over plain ballet flats or a kitten heel for an added detail. A pashmina or scarf can be stylish and practical especially if down by the water in the evening. Perfect finishing touches to your outfit and an easy to carry style accessory adds instant chic. Pop one in your summer bag, add in some accessories and you’ll be ready to jump from beach to evening!


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