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This is a Story of Love – A Love of Luxury and Great Luxury Brands

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It all starts with a few glimpses, here and there, that interrupt what you were doing, captivating you and now you can’t do anything but look and admire all those lights.

There are lights of so many colors, which come from objects with amazing textures that seeing them you can almost feel the touch on your skin. The sky comes alive in a wonderful show, where gravity does not exist.

Sounds arise an indescribable melody that makes a thrilling and pleasurable sensation scroll through your body from head to toe and makes your hair stand on end. Your head won’t stop turning from side to side enjoying the spectacle.

Elegant and masterfully intricate gold and silver architectural flourishes adorn the space with candlelight reflected by glimmering mirrors and a sea of fresh flowers, colorful serpents, tigers and other animals of every imaginable species intermingling between crystals, metals and precious stones.

Rivers of gold, yellow, green and deep rose intertwine in impossible ways firing millions of gas shells like a fireworks display is involved. Cascades of crystalline fresh water fall from the sky and break into millions of diamonds used as ice cubes.

As you approach curious, you discover that thousands of people gather with fancy clothes fabrics and artistic cuts. Walking works-of-art parading with the grace of gazelles wrapped in exquisite jewelry and wafting in the air, thousands of beautifully intermingling scents that surround and inundate all of a unique, incomparable smell that penetrates into your very depths performing their magic within. Raindrops falling, all sizes crystallized precisely, thousands of colors on the skin ever-present while leathers and fabrics and out of spectacular form in an endless parade of passions.

Yachts in the Marina are replete with guests and people in their cars, all celebrating the evening, friends meet again, friends who are known and warm, like a beautiful porcelain cup of tea in its ritual of friendship.

A private jet has just arrived with the main actors of this incredible play, shining shoes walk through a rainbow made of flowers to the hotel rooms where a court of refined Gentlemen and Ladies are waiting to welcome them. Their guests are waiting next to a piano playing the chords of an immortal glorious symphony played by floating self-playing instruments.

And in the garden, watches’ needles chase each other with tiny precision in an uncontrolled unlimited game, playing which gives time the most accurate way. The chefs are engrossed in the creative magic, like sculptors and architects of skyscrapers, elevating food with ingredients typical of the night, a night that will go down in history with the grandeur of their creations. Played out in the instinctively choreographed ballet, that kitchen dance, grand gestures and tiny movements of precision that unfold in the controlled chaos of the kitchen that is the birthplace of their creations.

Enveloped by the magic, I decided to try one of those delicious dishes, from the moment it touches my lips my spirit soars, sensations of great pleasure overtake me, I feel myself floating above the crowd, caught up in blissful swirl as the orchestra accompanies me on this, an unforgettable symphony of sensations that fill my soul.

The bubbles in the spa play joyfully around my body. They jump to the air creatively drawing figures that tell stories and come back in to play again. Every bubble has a story.

And just as though I feel that my soul can’t be filled any more, a whirlwind of energy takes hold again of my being and I surrender, I am transported to a place back in time surrounded by artisans, designers and engineers who shaped excellence, exclusivity, eternity, unconditional love and magic with their own hands, and suddenly I’ve become a passionate advocate of their work for the rest of my life.

How time is related to love, as love is the only one able to stop time in a frame or comprise centuries in one object.


Born in Spain, he has inherited the culture of excellence that from centuries ago allowed this country to give birth to some of the most courageous men and women in history. Tradition, patience and a deep interest for entrepreneurship have converted him in an energetic entrepreneur learning to speak the language of luxury.Conscious that Mother Nature has chosen humans to learn from Her and understand Her laws and be able to replicate them and take care of Her creation, Trigueros has accepted the message to be chosen to improve it and uplift it to its highest levels through craftsmanship, engineering and skills in order to develop unimaginable experiences filled with beauty and love to present and future generations through luxury.