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Story behind our curious name

“It all began over 30 years ago… The seeds for EAT LOVE SAVOR®, the international luxury lifestyle magazine with the curious name, were initially sown one sunny summer afternoon in the late 1980s, whilst sitting in the luxuriously appointed, lily-scented lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto, as I drank in and assessed what it was about being in beautiful surroundings that made me feel so good and stirred my emotions.”

“I began to reverse engineer the luxury environment and experience. It wasn’t until many years later, long after I left working in fine dining, that the magazine you see today was nurtured and brought into being, launched online in 2010 and later, in print as collectible bookazines.”

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Angela Tunner, Founder, EIC, Creative Director and Publisher.

Imagine a beautiful, timeless, collectible coffee-table publication designed with a high quality, artistic sensibility & zero advertising. Every article is informative, all positive and uplifting. Welcome to EAT LOVE SAVOR® the luxurious magazine and Bookazines.

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Origins of EAT LOVE SAVOR® and our Curious Name

EAT LOVE SAVOR® the luxury lifestyle magazine with the curious name, was born from the mind of a woman named Angela Tunner, who has an inborn love of luxury, a deep appreciation for things well made, heritage, fine food beautifully presented, luxurious moments small through grand, has a great understanding about true luxury, elegant living and furthermore, loved magazines. Her love of magazines began to fade as over the years they became less and less satisfying to read. She felt they were lacking and wanted to create something with more depth and experience in a modern lifestyle focused publication. EAT LOVE SAVOR® is a dream realized, an oasis, free from influence, free from purchase pressure, without interruption and stress. 100% positive and reading it can make you feel good!

The curious name of EAT LOVE SAVOR® was inspired by her time in fine restaurant ownership and food service of an award winning French bistro. During that time, she discovered the sweet connection to our humanity, to appreciation and sensuality, and inextricable combination of fine food + luxurious living and luxury is a state of mind and approach to living, beyond acquisition. Because there are endlessly great things to eat, things and moments to love and to savor with our whole selves. EAT LOVE SAVOR® is more than our name – it’s a mantra!

EAT LOVE SAVOR®, Unlike any luxury lifestyle magazine you’ve ever seen

EAT LOVE SAVOR® magazine and bookazines are a timeless mix of inspiration and teaching about true luxury. We convey taste, elegance and inspire you to be a part of an elegant lifestyle. Filled with intelligent editorial, stories and valuable resources, interviews, profiles and beautiful layouts and excellent photography, all beautifully presented covering exquisite goods, services, experiences, thoughts and ideas to enhance your lifestyle.

Each captivating issue is an immersive luxury experience from cover to cover, to enjoy over and over again, gorgeous to display, with content still relevant years after publication. EAT LOVE SAVOR® is not sold in stores. Our bookazines can be purchased here in our e-shop on eatlovesavor.com

Symbolism Behind the EAT LOVE SAVOR Logo

eat love savor international luxury lifestyle magazine with a curious name logoIn designing our brand and its logo, it was symbolic. The circular part with the name ‘eat love savor’, is designed like a coin representing value, and a like plate, in recognition of the founder’s history as a chef and the food and luxury living connection; the “A” is her initial, and the fleur de lis for her favorite flower, the lily and the french style of living that inspires her approach to luxury living. The ornamental design that surrounds represents elegance, luxuriousness, history and timelesness.

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