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Seychelles Sensations by Luxury Charter Yacht

The gorgeous shores of Seychelles are perfect for outdoor activities year-round, and as you make plans now in readiness to satisfy your growing wanderlust, consider a luxury charter yacht to travel efficiently and pack in as many activities and destinations as you desire.

Avoid summer holiday crowds and revel in the great outdoors among Seychelles, packing in as many water sports and as much sunbathing as you desire.

The 115 islands are home to rare bird species as well as some of the world’s top-voted beaches, some of which are only accessible by boat, and wildlife lovers will be enchanted with the variety of rare and wonderful species on land and in the sea.

This alluring archipelago is a fantastic choice for a wedding, honeymoon, birthday celebration or simply a family trip with children of any age, so read on for a brief glimpse into what the various islands have to offer.

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Mahé is the main island and the international airport combined with the proximity of the marina make it ideal to begin and conclude a holiday on the water in the Seychelles.

Before you set off, be sure to check out the local markets, boutique shops and magnificent beaches across the island. Victoria has impressive Botanical Gardens where giant tortoises roam the grounds and hiking trails will take you through the peaks and across the island.

There is also a great night life for partying with locals and other holidaymakers before you vanish from civilisation. The Saint-Anne Marine National Park is likely to be your first stop for its amazing coral reefs home to clownfish, sea turtles and much more.

Silhouette Island

The tranquil Silhouette Island is a short cruise from Mahé and offers up one pristine beach after another for sunbathing, beach games and water sports without any other souls around. Silhouette Island was once owned by the Dauban family, and there is a sizeable family mausoleum and a museum at the plantation and family home for those looking to delve more into Seychelles history.


This is the second-largest island in Seychelles and has myriad beaches, Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette being the most famous for their beauty. The Vallee de Mai is an incredible UNESCO World Heritage Site where visitors can walk through a dense forest of Coco de Mer palms, looking out for the national bird, the black parrot.

La Digue

La Digue is a popular place for water sports, and snorkelers and Scuba divers will be richly rewarded with sightings of black-tipped sharks, green turtles and brightly striped butterflyfish. Away from the reefs, fishing enthusiasts of all levels can catch their next meal: Delicious tuna, wahoo and marlin are just some of the possibilities for your plate.

On the island itself, bird watchers should keep an eye out for the black paradise flycatcher, one of the rarest birds in the world, living in a dense forest where orchids flourish among the trees.

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Bird Island & Aride Island

The aptly-named Bird Island is home to more than a million sooty terns from May through to September, who are joined by white-tailed tropicbirds, fairy terns and a variety of other species.

The marine life is just as varied and eye-catching, and visitors can expect to see green turtles and hawksbill turtles on the soft sands as well as dolphins along the coast.

Continuing with nature watching, Aride Island is close to Praslin and this private nature reserve has the world’s only hilltop colony of sooty terns. Red-tailed tropicbirds and roseate terns breed on these shores in addition to a large population of lizards.

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Fregate Island

This private island boasts the award-winning Anse Victorin, which has often been voted the world’s most beautiful beach. Ghostly white sands creep out from beneath glossy green palms and disappear slowly under crystal clear topaz waters – excellent conditions for young swimmers and snorkelers. Since the island was a haunt for pirates during the 17th Century, it’s also a great place to entertain children with their own treasure hunt, surrounded by birdsong from no fewer than fifty species.

Desroches Island

Privately owned Desroches Island is at the centre of a coral atoll and has exceptional deep-sea fishing, fly-fishing and Scuba diving opportunities: The latter takes place in the protected marine reserve, where divers will come across spectacular corals and amazing fish while swimming along walls, through tunnels and into deep caves.

Alphonse Island

Away from the main island cluster, Alphonse Island and the Alphonse Atoll are all about connecting with nature. Although there are still some mesmerising Seychelles beaches, water sports are paramount and the only distractions will be the ones you bring with you. Kayak or paddleboard over reefs, snorkel or use Seabobs to swim with schools of fish and Scuba dive to the depths for vibrant nudibranchs and lionfish among delicate gorgonians and beautiful black corals.

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An example luxury yacht charter

Luxury catamaran PELICAN is a prime example of what is available in Seychelles: Built-in 2011 and last refitted in 2018, she has an excellent selection of modern comforts as well as a large selection of water toys to suit all activity levels. Her shallow draft is ideal for getting close to the best beaches and coral reefs in the region, and her exteriors provide plenty of spaces for sunbathing, alfresco dining and sitting back and simply enjoying the views in the sunshine or shade.

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Inside, pristine white panelling emphasises the sense of space onboard, further complemented by the neutral, natural upholstery and the wooden accents. After a day of Scuba diving or resting along the beaches, guests can rest in the air-conditioned salon and savour a fruity cocktail from the bar before unwinding on the sofas for a board game or family film. The accommodation is just as elegant and provides for up to eight guests over four double-sized en-suite cabins.

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Your exceptional dedicated crew will do far more than making sure that you’re fed and watered: Captain Etienne Quilindo has extensive experience of Seychelles having previously worked as a Marine Park Ranger, a Manager at the Cousin Island Special Reserve, a fly fishing guide in Alphonse and a PADI Dive Instructor on the Praslin and Desroches Islands. In short, he knows where to go for the best activity experiences – and what to avoid.

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Deckhand Roddy Jules is also accomplished when it comes to water sports certification; he has PADI Open Water and Advanced Open Water certification along with previous experience fishing and working as a skipper and deckhand. A light and bubbly personality make him easy to approach for families with young children who need entertaining while the adults enjoy some well-earned rest and recuperation.

Lastly, Chef York Dunbar will create tantalising meals from breakfast through to dessert and all the snacks in between. He sources fresh ingredients from sustainable sources, so a culinary experience in April might be very different to the delights offered in October. What’s more, all allergies and dietary requirements will be catered for throughout the cruise with personalised dishes, so you won’t be spending your holiday with limited options from restaurant menus.

As warm sun-drenched days amidst idyllic settings give way to peaceful nights, everything is made all the better when you choose where to drop anchor on a luxury yacht charter.


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