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Salon du luxe Paris, a Major French B2B Event for Decision Makers


Launched in 2015 in Paris, the Salon du Luxe Paris 2016 will be taking place on the 6th and 7th of July, 2016 at the Maison de la Chimie, Paris. This is a major French B2B event that offers a unique experience for decision makers.

For two days, the Salon du Luxe Paris will explore the most important luxury trends of tomorrow, bring together national and global leaders to deepen understanding of vital topics, advance innovative solutions to major challenges and provide new opportunities for business. The final aim: to surprise the consumer, to reinvent the rules and always to invite to dream … It is because the market is in constant evolution that the historical players of the luxury world cannot just rest on their laurels.


About the Conference

The conference includes an on-stage programme of business speakers as well as an incredible opportunity for networking with other decision makers, a closing night full of surprises and 750m2 of exhibition space to explore the luxury trends of tomorrow. Cornerstone of the luxury ecosystem, the Salon du Luxe Paris marks the beginning of the summer vacation and gives the tempo of the next season. The Salon du Luxe is place of incubation, where new synergies are created across all of the luxury sectors.

Paris – Capital of Luxury

Capital of luxury, Paris is also the symbol of the French lifestyle. Paris proudly carries this name within and beyond its borders. Nevertheless, the competition is tough. Paris has to compete with major European cities; cities such as London and even Shanghai in China are becoming increasingly attractive. Paris, however, remains the benchmark for luxury and the elegance. The French capital is in the top 50 world cities with the highest growth potential within the luxury sector (Boston Consulting Group). Specifically, Paris places 11th in this report. Accordingly, the Salon du Luxe Paris could not ignore this sign and has decided to organise the second edition in said city. The team of the Salon du Luxe Paris is very proud of its French origins. Indeed, the Salon du Luxe Paris is the only French event entirely translated into English. Its ambition is to promote French expertise and to contribute to Paris’ influence around the world. Rich with centuries of history and expertise, Paris combines the most respectable Houses of Fashion with new, innovative and bold designers. Nevertheless, Paris’ image has known dark hours. The relentless competition from other countries forces the capital to use greater ingenuity and creativity  to remain the most desirable.

Salon-du-luxe-Paris-3French Origins & International Focus

The Salon du Luxe has an international ambition. Nevertheless, the team at the Salon du Luxe Paris is aware of the importance of its French origins, and are committed to them. The Salon du Luxe Paris is the only professional event, in French, and entirely translated into English. It contributes to the influence of Frenchstyle luxury and participates in the transmission of French know-how. As such, The Salon du Luxe promotes the “Pépites du luxe”, fresh and innovative startups, as well as the creative craftsmen who embody the authentic luxury. It is becoming the privileged partner of the new French luxury players.

Salon-du-luxe-Paris-5Connect and Engage in an Olfactory Experience

The Salon du Luxe is also a place of great experiences, entertainment and boldness. It offers participants a privileged and exclusive environment to share and discuss. The five senses are continuously called upon. The gustative discoveries and artistic happenings will
punctuate the two days of the Salon. The Salon du Luxe Paris is more than just a professional gathering, it is a vivid and unique experience, that is re-imagined every year!

unnamed-2Conference Program


8h00 – Opening of the Salon du luxe Paris
9h00 – Opening ceremony and meeting with the salon du luxe 2016 Godfather
9h45 – Review of luxury over the last 12 months
10h15 – How to reinforce the desirability of Paris ?
11h15 – Break and networking sessions
12h15 – Luxury : back to the essence of life
13h15 – Lunch et networking sessions
14h45 – Retail trends : to the future and beyond
15h30 – In progress
16h00 – Break and networking sessions
17h15 – Journeying to the postdigital luxury
18h15 – Encounter with the most surprising Startups of luxury
18h45 – In progress
19h00 – End of the conferences


8h00 – Opening of the second day of the Salon du luxe paris
9h15 – Opening ceremony of the second day of the Salon du Luxe
9h45 – Positive leaders : the new forms of management
10h30 – Ethical luxury, more than a simple trend
11h00 – Do luxury brands still exist nowadays ?
11h15 – Break and networking sessions
12h45 – Encounter with a guru
13h15 – Lunch and networking sessions
14h45 – Design trends and architecture
15h30 – Communication channels
16h00 – Break and networking sessions
17h15 – In progress
18h00 – In progress
19h00 – End of the conferences and launching of the closing night Experiences

To register to attend the event, visit 

For more information about the conference visit / LOCATION: Maison de la Chimie, Paris | DATES July 6th & 7th 2016 / TEL +33 (0)9 86 20 15 98

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