Ring in the New Year with a 2-Day Champagne Celebration

Ringing in the new year is a different affair to previous years with many celebrations relegated to being private affairs in our homes. All the more reason to extend the time you enjoy your bubbles.

Celebrate the end of the year and the start of another, differently. Instead of a singular moment transform it into a 2-day comfortably elegant, deliciously luxurious and personal celebration extended and savored.

New Year’s 2-Day Champagne Celebration

Pol Roger Champagne Brut Réserve

Why not begin celebrating on New Years Eve? Instead of waiting until midnight, why not elongate the experience and enjoy it earlier in the day on New Years Eve and throughout New Years Day? Starting early and anchor your champagne experiences to food and moments of luxuriating so that you can fully appreciate the flavors and experience of sipping your favorite bubbles. Each meal becomes a Champagne Moment.

Imagine preparing a spread of fine food to enjoy for the day. Each meal of your choice, accented with bubbles. This isn’t about over indulgence, perhaps the pour is smaller, but appreciating the fine flavour combinations and delight that bubbly wine brings to the palate and senses.

There is something luxurious about indulging in bubbles and integrating them into the day’s meals and paring them with great food and time to savor. Whether you choose champagne or alternative bubbles like Prosecco, Cava or Cremant, there are a myriad of options, all ready for your to be indulged and delighted.

Suggestions for your 2-Day Champagne Celebration and Champagne Moments

New Years Eve Champagne Lunch

Lunch can be made up of savory soups and breads, an omelette with a side spinach or chopped salad. Blanket the omelette with a bechamel sauce if you please. Or perhaps leftovers from Christmas dinner transformed into lovely meal like a Turkey Sandwich with Cranberry and Brie. Set your lunch up picnic style in the living room at a table set up in front of the fireplace, or on the couch on trays, surrounded by blankets and curled up in comfort.

New Years Eve and New Year’s Day Champagne Dinner and Snacks

Champagne De Venoge, Cuvée Louis XV 2008

Brut champagne pairs beautifully with salty foods. Surprisingly excellent with dishes like pasta, pizza, fried chicken, steak… typically a salty meal is an ideal paring for the bubbles and gentle nature of the wine.  Whether you make your meal yourself order take away champagne adds sparkle to any meal. Snacking during a movie? Pairs so well with potato chips! The bubbles seem to dance and mingle on the palate.

With desserts, a perfect pairing is a Sweeter champagne. Cakes, puddings, creamy desserts are all delightful with added flair from bubbles.

New Years Day – Champagne Brunch

A great pairing to a brunch is champagne. A simple small glass or make some Mimosas, either is a lovely addition to a brunch to start off the first day of the new year. Prepare a Frittata or crepes with your favorite flavours, savory like mushrooms and Gruyere cheese, or sweet crepes with cream cheese and jam inside, or a breakfast hash with eggs, potatoes, courgette and mushrooms.

New Years Day Champagne Afternoon Tea

Ruffino Prosecco

A lovely afternoon tea, whether small or an elaborate high tea is a lovely pairing with Champagne. Make it pretty and deliciously pleasing with the usual fare and some heartier versions suitable for the colder weather like using heartier breads and scones perhaps with cups of soup and comforting desserts, like little bread puddings, custard pots and mini chocolate mousse.

Champagne Alternatives

If Champagne is not to your choosing, there are other sparkling wines to consider:

Prosecco: Italian: Prosecco is a sparkling wine made predominantly in Veneto, Italy, near Treviso.

Cava: (Spain): Cava is made in the same way as Champagne, but with different grapes.

Cremant: French (champagne style): Crémant is a category of sparkling wines produced with the same technique as Champagne but come from outside the Champagne region.

Champagne Tasting


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