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Reviving the 18th Century Aristocratic Custom of High-end Custom Made Dinnerware

Atelier Soubiran, a company that makes high-end custom dinnerware crafted from genuine Limoges porcelain.  Founded by Paris-born, Los Angeles-based fine artist Alix Soubiran. Whether used for at home, on your yacht or at your wedding, Atelier Soubiran can create an elegant personalized dinnerware set that will bring style and soul to any tablescape.

Reviving the 18th century aristocratic custom of embellishing dinnerware with intricately illustrated family crests, insignias and monograms, Atelier Soubiran blends tradition and modernity. Each dinnerware set is made especially for a client’s home or yacht and elevates the dining experience to a new level of artistry and sophistication.


Personalisation and Personality

Atelier Soubiran stands out from mass produced dishware, as the company’s ethos is framed around quality and personalization. A true-to-form artisan, Soubiran, also the creative director uses her artistic background, creating elegant, tailor-made dinnerware for upscale clientele.

While she draws from many of her own inspirations, the design process experience is a fully collaborative between client/interior designer and Soubiran herself.

“We collaborate closely with our clients to arrive at an original design that reflects character and class,” said Soubiran. “Every detail is considered—like the rim options or the size and placement of an insignia—to make a dinnerware set that has rhythm, contrast, balance and harmony. We want to create a dialogue between each element on the table that caters to the senses and enhances the guest experience. To me, a bespoke dinnerware set is like a precious jewelry box for the food you serve. It’s something that can be enjoyed not just on special occasions, but everyday.”


The Process

First, the client is taken through every stage of the creation process where patterns, images and color palettes are selected to best suit the aesthetic of the space as well as the personality and lifestyle of the client. From there, Soubiran and her team draft the design until it meets the client’s approval. Upon finalization, the design is sent to Limoges, France and pressed onto the world’s finest porcelain which is both durable and dishwasher safe. Ready in five weeks and ships worldwide.


Made in France, Limoges Porcelain

Atelier Soubiran creates its pieces with Limoges porcelain; world-renowned for its flawlessness, durability and long-standing reputation as a tradition of excellence. A “Limoges, France” stamp is very closely regulated and is only genuine if the porcelain was manufactured and decorated in the Limoges region. Atelier Soubiran’s porcelain manufacturers lend their skilled hands and expertise to every order and each is provided with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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