Remain Calm and Carry On: Luxury Will Always Shine

We are all faced with a health crisis, a pandemic on an unprecedented scale and the toll is high. While still amidst this global crisis, all of us living in isolation and dealing with the uncertainty during this planetary pause, we must remain calm, united and connected. The spirit of man is strong and together, we can and will persevere. This too shall pass.

During this time while we all continue to live and work at a distance whilst adapting to new normals, we at EAT LOVE SAVOR® have taken time to pause. We felt it necessary to quietly go inward to reflect. There’s been so much to process and understand. Its shifted perspectives and priorities. We’ve also been oh so grateful. Grateful for all that we are blessed to have and for those we know and love.

During this period of time, we’ve also been deeply pondering about what luxury really means to us. We’ve also deepened our appreciation of life’s simple pleasures and luxuries and for all those precious things that we love to eat, love and savor.

Time to Take Greater Care of Ourselves, Others and the World

“Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.” Winston Churchill

Now is time to take care of ourselves, one another and our beautiful planet. A great time to gain a fresh perspective. Time to focus on restoring our entire health – mental, physical and spiritual. To explore our inner depths. Time to pause, slow down, not simply to fill the time but to give ourselves much needed repose from the pressures to always be doing. To be nurtured by our homes and loved ones. To be grateful for all that we have, and for those that take care of us and the needs of our lives.

Thoughts create an energetic resonance. What we give attention to, amplifies. Avoid the barrage of negativity. We must remain positive. Remain informed, but look beyond the bad news. Focus on the silver lining, the good in the world. Be kind, have empathy and compassion for others. Envision and focus action on positive outcomes, swift recovery, joy, good health and wellness. Focus on renewed purpose and meaning in life. Focus on innovation and simplification. Surround yourself with beauty.

Luxury Will Always Be, and Continue To Evolve With The Times

“I am easily satisfied with the very best.” – Winston Churchill

Luxury has always been in demand, and always will be. For the wealthy it is the standard. Those who aspire will always seek to satisfy a desire to represent their aspirations. Luxury has survived hundreds of years. This ever resilient sector that has always found solid footing through every challenge and major world event and will do so again.

Interestingly, with lockdowns in place, we’ve had to scale back, to live with less, to focus more on lifestyle, there are and will continue to be a shift in habits and preferences, but only time will tell what in the end will have changed for the long term.

People, Passion and Purpose

“It is wonderful what great strides can be made when there is a resolute purpose behind them.” – Winston Churchill

Luxury is also a multi-faceted, dynamic ecosystem with multiple dimensions, complexities and simplicities. Its ability to be adaptable and remain strong even in the face of adversity are some of the reasons why there are luxury houses that have been around for a century and beyond.

Their strength lies in the power of people, passion and purpose.

A Time for Positivity, Depth of Meaning and Optimism

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” – Winston Churchill

Now is a time for optimism and to stay uplifted. A time to reinvigorate ones brand and personal purpose, refine the message and enrich it with added depth, humanity and meaning.

This is a perfect time for a luxury renaissance – a rebirth. This is the perfect moment to add depth and meaning and that a multi-tiered approach will matter; something decidedly more spirited and human centric.

Luxury will as it always has, continue to evolve, respond to the times we are in and what will stay changed for the long term when lockdowns are lifted, remains to be seen. What remains will unveil a renewed luxury sector for the new world.

In response to this evolution, we are opening a dialogue with the luxury industry and artists to facilitate a connection one another for information and inspiration.

What will define this turning point is our attitude; what we think and believe and the action we take today. The time is coming to rise and shine even brighter.


Angela Tunner

Angela Tunner, Founder, Editor in Chief, Creative Director, and Publisher of EAT LOVE SAVOR® International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine and Bookazine is a broadly skilled, multi-disciplined entrepreneur, luxury expert, speaker, guest lecturer, writer, author, brand creator, and artist born with an understanding and appreciation of luxury, she cultivated over a 30 year period. Winner of the Women of Excellence, “Women of Vision” award; Gourmand World Cookbook Award and Nominated for an RBC Women Entrepreneur Award. She is driven by a passion for luxury, education, and beauty and positivity in luxury, life and in media and in improving people’s lives.

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