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Rediscover Growing Your Own Herbs

fresh herbs Rediscover Growing Your Own Herbs - EAT LOVE SAVOR International luxury lifestyle magazine and bookazinesHerbs have played a role in our lives for centuries and have touched many aspects of those lives from culinary, health, superstitions and love.

There are Chinese herb books that date back to 2700 B.C. containing extensive lists of herbs. Herbs have been used to stuff pillows, cure a headache, make up the medicines that heal us, the fragrances that scent us and the clothing we wear. Growing them is actually easy as many herbs are hearty and grow well. Even for the beginner gardener will be a fruitful endeavor.

Whether they are grown in containers, planters, gardens or window boxes, there are many ways to grow herbs, many types and varieties to choose from. Before we dive into getting your herb garden started, lets touch on what exactly is a herb. According to the dictionary a herb is defined as, “A seed-producing annual, biennial, or perennial that does not develop persistent woody tissue but dies down at the end of a growing season”.

Why Grow Herbs

Why not? There is something so sensual about growing herbs. Imagine huge, lush bunches pouring out of pots or your garden, feeding your senses and adding to your dishes. Just walk out to your herbs with your scissors and take what you need. Smell them, feel them in your hands. Having herbs at your disposal also eliminates wasted herbs since you take only what you need. And the scent! Enjoy the scent whenever you’d like to. Herbs in a garden are a little piece of heaven!

There are many types and varieties:

Aromatic Herbs

These herbs are typically grown for their scent. Aromatics herbs are displayed vases or dried arrangements. A couple of popular ones are Lavender and Mint.

Culinary Herbs

When you think of herbs, it is typically culinary herbs that comes to mind. Most gardeners grow to their preferences, whether a few or many. Food is made so much more lively with the use of herbs. Some types include Basil, Chives and Dill.

Medicinal Herbs

There are many herbs that have been used since ancient times for healing, many believed to possess special powers, like garlic and the superstition that garlic will keep vampires away.

Ornamental Herbs

These types of herbs are used to enhance a garden, used like flowers and many of these fit into the culinary herb category.

Growing Them

Check out this list for some types and growing requirements. The secret to growing them is to understand how nature works and to use rich, fertile soil. Here are some great first herbs for your garden. Whether you start them from seeds or get potted plants starting a herb garden is a really simple and wonderful addition to your home.

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