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Red Carpet Style Jewelry: On and Off the Carpet

putting on jewelry Red Carpet Style Jewelry: On and Off the Carpet - EAT LOVE SAVOR International Luxury Lifestyle MagazineFrom movie premieres to galas, each month Hollywood is buzzing with Red Carpet events that enchant us with the ultra-glamorous jewelry worn by our favorite celebrities.

This year’s Oscars were no different as platinum and diamond jewelry ruled the Red Carpet and statement pieces were once again omnipresent. But the pressure to impress doesn’t stop after the award shows. At every soirée Hollywood stars are expected to bedazzle attendees, the hyper-critical media and their fans with one-of-a-kind, stunning looks. Fortunately professional stylists come to the rescue and guide their fine jewelry choices, and jewelry designers create the knock-out accoutrements. While we don’t all have the benefit of a personal jewelry consultant for our every special occasion, stylist Marina Monroe and I collaborated to review recent Red Carpet looks and to develop the following jewelry style tips for the mere mortals among us. We hope to empower Eat Love Savor readers to create their own distinctive “Red Carpet” look to shine at their next important event.

Styling for Red Carpet Appeal

Over the years, I have been fortunate to design fine jewelry that has attracted top Hollywood stylists who are looking to create the perfect look for A-listers like Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey and rising style stars such as Rachel McAdams and Katherine McPhee, who demand sophisticated and eyecatching pieces. While I have bejeweled some of the most talented and striking women in Hollywood, I still am enamored by the Red Carpet presence of these icons and starlets, and thrilled at how the right jewelry has such a tremendous impact on their look.

Stylist, Marina Monroe on Jewelry

Recently I teamed with stylist Marina Monroe, founder of stylehaüs, an elite members-only boutique and styling service in West Hollywood that offers a unique approach to Red Carpet dressing. Members come to the stylehaüs for styling from head to toe – including Philip Press diamond accessories for talent and VIPs. Monroe explains that her clients need to standout from the crowd and exude a sexy confidence and allure that whispers Hollywood style and grace. “High-quality, breathtaking jewelry makes a statement and provides a ‘finish’ to the refined, style-forward looks we create for our members,” she adds. Monroe says that jewelry should always enhance a look. It should never overpower the woman wearing it. Also, the woman has to be comfortable in and love the pieces she’s wearing. “This is where the best Red Carpet moments come from,” she explains.

Stylehaüs member and Dancing with the Stars diva Kym Johnson recently lit up the Red Carpet with a Philip Press diamond necklace in a look styled by Monroe. “The intricate Art Deco design of the piece added sparkle and finesse to Kym’s short black dress, but kept the attention focused on her pretty face,” added Monroe.

press piece 03-2012 platinum jewelry

Vintage Love-Affair

Hollywood definitely has a love affair with vintage-looking jewelry. I am an avid Art Deco enthusiast and mix antique, vintage and retro elements into many of my designs. I also infuse concepts from architecture and nature to create pieces that excite the imagination, such as pavé diamond flame earrings, which hit the Red Carpet on HBO’s ‘First Blood’ star Carrie Preston. Preston complemented her look with a morganite and diamond ring designed and handcrafted in our Sunset Boulevard studio in West Hollywood.

Expert Guidelines

While not all of us will attend Red Carpet events this year, our jewelry style guidelines will help you to create your own glamorous and elegant look:

Think proportion, color and appropriateness to choose the right statement earrings. Ask yourself three questions:

1) Are the earrings in proportion to my hair length, face shape, frame, dress length and other jewelry? For example, Philip Press three-carat platinum and diamond rock-drop earrings perfectly accented Hayden Panettiere’s short red dress, bare neckline and upswept do for the petite starlet’s attendance at a movie premiere, while NCIS: Los Angeles star Daniela Ruah accented her simple emerald green gown and lithe frame with Philip Press dramatic rose-cut floral branch diamond drop earrings to attend another recent Red Carpet affair. Monroe adds that she recommends her clients wear major jeweled earrings or a dramatic necklace with a strapless or bare neckline, but never both.

2) Do the color of the metal and/or gemstones in the earrings contrast and complement my dress as well as my hair and skin color? According to Monroe, a general rule is that if the dress is a bright color, like hot pink, stick with neutral white or black diamonds, or white or black pearls. However, a white, black, or nude-colored dress gives you more room to play with colorful gems. For instance, she loves the chic look of bright sapphires, colored diamonds or turquoise next to a white dress. Of course, she says there are always exceptions to this. “In the summer, with a tan, one can get away with wearing a lot more color say, an orange dress paired with a colored gemstone statement necklace or earrings.”

Young Hollwood’s Demi Lovato accentuated her sexy leopard print dress, tan body and wavy long brown hair with yellow-gold diamond pavé Philip Press multi-hoop dangle earrings for an appearance on Jimmy Fallon, while rising starlet Victoria Justice complemented her gunmetal dress in Philip Press platinum and diamond studs for the MTV awards.

Monroe and other stylists warn against closely matching the color of your dress to your earrings. Gem color tones may echo a hue in your dress, but should not be the same. For example, Julianne Moore wore bold emerald tassel earrings to contrast her black dress and highlight her red hair at the Golden Globes. Alas, stylists sometimes break their own rules. At last year’s Academy Awards Natalie Portman wore ruby tassel earrings that closely matched her ruby-hued dress, which raised a few eyebrows from fashion critics who despise the ‘matchy’ look. This year, Portman’s diamond statement necklace and earrings were spectacular with her red dress.

3) Is your jewelry appropriate for the occasion and your prominence? The type of event or appearance and the image you want to present should guide jewelry choices, whether you are a celebrity or not.  For example, Mariah Carey stepped out for a Hollywood dinner in Philip Press diamond hoop earrings to add star power to her understated ensemble. If you’re going for a feminine, refined look, your earrings should be delicate and airy as well, perhaps incorporating filigree or intricate pavè work reminiscent of the Art Deco era, adds Monroe. While an occasion may seem casual, don’t skimp on the quality and craftsmanship of your jewels. Demi Lovato belted out the National Anthem at a World Series game in a baseball jersey and leather mini, but accessorized with Philip Press diamond hoops and pavé diamond opera-length necklaces to add that celebrity touch.  If you are just beginning to build your earring wardrobe, start with platinum and diamond studs and pavé diamond or gemstone dangle earrings that add va-va-voom.

Philip Press platinum necklaces

Layer on the necklaces, but be sure they all work together.

Jennifer Lopez donned five Philip Press pavé diamond necklaces of varying lengths – including a dazzling diamond pavé torpedo pendant – for her magazine cover and billboard shots promoting this season’s Idol appearing around the globe. Against JLo’s flowing long hair and silk collared blouse, the pieces created an utterly stunning look. Do try this at home using necklaces with a unified feel. Diamond and gemstone collar and dramatic, layered-look or bib necklaces are other popular ways to decorate décolletage.

Don’t forget about arm candy

Gwyneth Paltrow wore a million-dollar diamond cuff to this year’s Oscars, while The Office star Angela Kinsey layered Philip Press diamond bangle bracelets at the latest Emmy Awards, balancing her statement earrings. Elle Macpherson slipped on brightly jeweled and diamond-encrusted bangles at the Golden Globes while Lindsay Lohan stacked a Philip Press diamond bracelet for her appearance at the high-profile Kim Kardashian wedding for a dramatic statement. I advise building on a fine jewelry wardrobe with a signature diamond bracelet and pendant necklace, then adding pavé bangles in diamonds and gemstones. Choose platinum for high-wear, everyday items because of its strength, beauty and brilliance.

philip press platinum rings

Bring on the rings!

Spotted on the Red Carpet recently, Glee star Lea Michele added glamour and contrast to her silver gown with a high-impact 29-carat emerald cocktail ring. Celebrities everywhere are livening up their fingers with one-of-a-kind rings that signify couture style. Rachel McAdams wore Philip Press black-and-white diamond rings for an important appearance on Good Morning America to promote her latest movie, The Vow. Monroe notes that celebs are getting more comfortable mixing rings and urges the fashion mavens among us to do the same. For the Video Music Awards, pop star JoJo successfully incorporated the different aspects of her style by mixing a Philip Press 5.67-carat diamond Hollywood glam ring with other hip rings that added a rocker edge.

Finally, have fun with your jewels.

At the Golden Globes, Charlize Theron wooed the Red Carpet crowd by showing her unique style in a diamond headband and vintage brooch. Marina Monroe and I encourage you to express your own look and creativity through jewelry. Also, don’t forget about restyling pieces or gemstones inherited from relatives into a memorable and meaningful jewelry style. Whether it’s pinning your antique butterfly brooch from your grandmother onto your clutch or back of your dress a la Angelina Jolie, or turning it into a custom-made cocktail ring, use your imagination and have fun with your jewelry style.

Guest Luxury Contributor, Philip Press  www.philippress.com

Philip Press, based on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, Press is a celebrity jewelry designer, leading diamond expert, and renowned master platinumsmith who specializes in creating extraordinary platinum and diamond engagement ring and custom jewelry designs. He is frequently featured in the media for his platinum jewelry expertise and Hollywood celebrity, socialite and mogul clientele. Press creates vintage-style platinum pieces handcrafted to evoke the look of ornate Art Deco jewelry, as well as modern collections. Press has bejeweled droves of A-list stars for a wide variety of Red Carpet events including the Oscars, Emmys and Golden Globes. Twitter: PhilipPressPlat

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