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Profile: Architectural Studio FULLHOUSEDESIGN, Russia


Architectural studio FULLHOUSEDESIGN is a collaborative project of Pavel Ivanov and Maria Ivanova-Sorokina. This family and creative alliance, personify the combination and complementing match of the masculine and feminine approach to design, rationality and creativity.

Maria Ivanova-Sorokina is a designer who takes pride in her ability to integrate diverse styles and images, enriching the design of her clients’ dream residence or business. She is well versed in creating a post-modern style with traditional value and prides herself on finding the perfect harmony between these two elements.

Pavel Ivanov appreciates both the natural and appropriate aspects of his work. He is able to translate all styles and approaches to satisfy the desires of any client. Pavel uses principles formulated by Vitruvius (Functionality — Strength — Beauty) to achieve laconic but succinct images in the execution of his work. In 2011, Pavel Ivanov, together with Maria Ivanova-Sorokina created a collaborative project – the design studio FULLHOUSEDESIGN. The secret of combining is simple – a family couple united resources. At the same time, both creative units have their own figurative language. Maria tends to gentle historical reminiscences, Paul prefers minimalism.



Winning at Luxury Lifestyle Awards underlines the high level of the company. What does it mean for you to have a status of the Winner?

We are very proud that members of an independent and honorable jury gave preference to our design studio FULLHOUSEDESIGN. We had strong competitors and undeniably our victory gave our team confidence that our company is developing and moving in the right direction.


Describe how do you determine the company’s vector of further development? What companies are the examples for you and what level do you strive for?

For us an undisputed leader in the field of interior design is one of the most popular decorators in Europe and America — Jean-Louis Denio. He mixes masterfully different styles, creates an unforgettable luxurious interiors worldwide. Our company FULLHOUSEDESIGN tends to approach similar level, both in terms of elaboration all details, and in the level of customers, who are often royals. We have room to grow and develop, and we won’t stop until we achieve excellence in our work.


Does your personal tastes and preferences influence on the result of work? How do you manage to find a common language with clients whose views are different from yours?

Creating a project we always listen to the opinion of our customer, to his tastes and interests. Before we start designing, we carefully communicate with the client, we find out his preferences, make a selection of architectural styles, colors and individual objects of furniture and decor, take into consideration wishes of the client to use a particular piece of furniture. On the basis of selected details of the interior we create a unique image. We are interested in work with all projects, both public and residential.

Very rarely the client even knows the name of the style in which he wants to see the house, apartment, restaurant. Most frequently he confines himself to a choice between a modern or classic design, defines the range of colors, and sometimes chooses a country, as for an example was with SOHOLOUNGE BAR. Igor Bielawski said – I need New York and white.

Based on this, our lead designer Pavel Ivanov almost with the first sketches created right interior. SOHOLOUNGE BAR in St. Petersburg at Konyushennaya Square, was one of the most successful public projects in recent years. With SOHO everything turned out very quickly in general, great ideas were like flying in the air, I just had to shift them on paper. Everything was built in 2.5 months from concept to opening, although many people do not believe in such terms.

We consider that it’s very important to listen, to look closely to the space, it leads to the most successful solutions itself. It should be naturally.


What are your future plans for development? What can we expect from FULLHOUSEDESIGN in the coming years?

Our studio is firmly engaged in designing private residences in the LUXURY segment in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In addition to the design in the two capitals, today very significant directions for us are such regions: Orenburg, Stavropol, Tolyatti and other cities of our vast Motherland.

Also recently we began to receive orders from abroad. Currently we started work on several projects in the United States and Lithuania. In the coming years, we expect to expand the geography of our projects in all direction, both in Russia and abroad.

image001Also we are very interested in product design, we are excited to take part in major competitions and exhibitions related not only to the interiors, but also to the production of author’s furniture, bathroom equipment, lighting equipment, and especially as we have lots of sketches in these fields. For more information, visit http://fullhousedesign.ru/

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