Edition #8 – Ode to the Art of Living


Ode to The Art of Living


Escape into our Inspiring story about the search for the beautiful golden door and what lies beyond it.

Discover the new Rolls-Royce New Ghost Extended, your Luxury Lifestyle on wheels. The exquisite work of LALIQUE in their collection Botanica a line of beautiful and expertly made vases and object d’art.

For impromptu Roadside picnics in style the Rolls-Royce Champagne Chest made to the highest standards and with meticulous attention to detail, and the theatre that opens up at a touch of a button.

An exclusive interview with Grant Harold also known as the Royal Butler is a former Royal Butler and Member of the Royal household to Their Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. He’s now a British Royal etiquette consultant, butler trainer and broadcaster. His expertise is in etiquette and manners and he shares with us some of his story, tips and insights.

And all traditional piece of jewellery the signet ring by Hancock’s London has a modern resurgence and we take a look at this popular piece of jewellery being worn by both men and women that was formerly only worn by aristocracy.

Imagine an escape to the island of Aruba aboard a luxury yacht, explore the beaches, the views and the experience that awaits on your own private luxury yacht experience.

We take a close look at the dazzling Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez Vous Moon an exquisite feminine diamond encrusted watch for women, designed to high standards, with artistic skill and technical acumen and to maximize the presence of each stone.

Explore our ode to the art of living and how to enhance your life with the creation of luxury moments to engage your senses and look at luxury living through a new lens.

We shine a spotlight on French sculptor Juli who explores nature and the four elements and expresses them through sculptures made out of materials such as glass, pottery, wood and bronze. This work has been the subject of traveling exhibitions for 6 years, including the UN in Geneva, the Grand Palais in Paris, MAG in Montreux, Italy.

The 2020 Grand Prix Horlogerie de Geneve we celebrate the list of winners and highlight a selection of award-winning watches.

Our cover story and extensive feature of the Taittinger Champagne house and our exclusive interview with CEO Vitalie Taittinger and carrying on the legacy of her family business, succeeding her father and her expression of the art of living through champagne.

Explore a collection of luxury escapes from around the world in Scotland, Phuket, France, Italy, Bahrain and England.

Expert advice on choosing flowers from an artistic floral expert based in New York City.

A fragrance edit featuring exquisite high end perfumes for women and men, paired with style sense and interests featuring the high quality fragrances of the House of Creed.

Expert advice on the next generation, how millennials are investing differently with advice from James Fleming CEO of Sandaire, a Britain based multifamily office.

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