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Private Vacation Gem: Bluefields Bay Villas, Bluefields, Jamaica

blue fields jamaica san michelle villaExcept for the high profile individuals that go here to get away, Bluefields Bay Villas (Bluefields, Jamaica) is a little known gem thats just south of Montego Bay but might as well be worlds away on its private bay, which is a designated protected fish sanctuary.

 Six luxury villas wrap the seaside, each with its own private pool, personal gourmet chef, and conciergeall in an exquisite setting with a secluded beach. With the mountains behind it and the sea in front, Bluefields Bay Villas is very private.

Larger Groups and Girlfriends Escapes

Villas can accommodate four to 12 adults. The BBV Girlfriends Package includes spa amenities, cooking classes, welcome reception, and all meals. Cooking classes are conducted by the propertys highly acclaimed chef who is an expert in Jamaican cuisine. In addition, there are opportunities to visit local farms and see where the property sources much of its fresh, local and organic produce.

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Activities and Excursions

Additional possible excursions include horseback riding on the beach, boating trips, hiking in the nearby mountains and up to see YS Falls. A boating trip on the Black River (the second longest river in Jamaica) is an experience that seems to be out of a movie. The Everglades-style ride offers views of mangrove, exquisite native and migrating birds, and crocodiles. The boat captains know the crocs and have named them. The trip includes seeing some of the regions gingerbread Victorian buildings in the town of Black River.

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How To Get There

Getting to Bluefields Bay Villas is an easy drive from Montego Bay (BBV will pick up visitors) with amazing views over the mountain. Visitors can also opt to take a helicopter from Montego Bay directly into the Bluefields Bay Villas (approx. 12-14 min. flight).

Private Ownership

The property is owned by an American family that resides in Alexandria, Va., who has had a lifelong love for Jamaica, its people and its culturefrom their Bluefields Bay marriage in 1983 to having their two children on Jamaican soil in 1985 and 1987. Over the years, they have expanded their family to include a loyal and highly efficient Jamaican staff that has worked at Bluefields Bay Villas for many years.

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