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Prestigious Delvaux Handbags, Made in Belgium Since 1829

Delvaux Le Brillant
Delvaux handbag ‘The Brillant’ developed by Solange Schwennicke, a bag created for the 1958 World’s Fair in Belgium.

The House of Delvaux, a prestigious family-owned company established in 1829 by Charles Delvaux in Brussels is internationally recognized and revered for its principles and values of unwavering craftsmanship and excellent quality.

The House of Delvaux has earned and retains ts reputation for its style and the supreme quality of its creations and deemed “a divinely singular label”.

History of The House of Delvaux and the First Handbags

Belgian trunk maker Charles Delvaux had a vision – he saw the oncoming revolution of rail travel, when the first continental European passenger railway line opened in 1835 which joined the Belgian cities of Brussels and Mechelen followed by the fact that by 1875, Belgium possessed the largest rail system in the world. Being both a visionary and man of practicality, Charles Delvaux realized that this revolution would change the needs of baggage, so began in 1880 to engage his firm with a sense of urgency to begin adapting to the new needs of women; the necessity to have a carrying bag in close proximity while traveling. This revelations led the company, in 1908, to file some of the earliest patents for handbags.

Responding to Demand for Exceptional Handbags

franz and delvaux team 1951
Franz Schwennicke and the Delvaux team in 1951

The demand for ultra-luxurious handbags prompted the transformation of the Delvaux brand into a highly exclusive label, led by Franz Schwennicke in 1933 who took the helm of the brand at the time. Under his guidance, Delvaux was the first brand to introduce a new concept – seasonal collections, a custom of haute couture. The handbags of Delvaux are beyond the ordinary. More than a mere carryall, each piece is crafted by skilled master leather artisans, each a living sculpture and piece of art.

The Future and Continuance of the Heritage Brand

Embracing the future, in 2011, the Delvaux brand partnered with another family brand to create a group of “First Heritage Brands”, to ensure its continuance and propel the global expansion of the Delvaux brand.

New Concept for Boutique Interiors

The Galerie de la Reine in Brussels was renovated into an elegantly modern boudoir and saw the inauguration of a boutique at the Peninsula Hong Kong, both embodied an original architectural concept.

The new style for their boutiques was conceived by Martine Feipel and Jean Bechameil, Luxembourg artists selected by Delvaux to interpret and bring to life the unique boudoir-style environment while preserving the integrity of the brand and subtle luxury, the hallmark of the house. The interiors are richly sculptural, featuring carved cabinets inspired by Flemish architecture.

delvaux carved corridor
Boutique corridor at The Galerie de la Reine, Belgium

Ultra-Luxurious Handbag Collections

Ranging from casual through timeless, vintage flair, each one possesses a unique personality and style for all manners of dress for women of today.

Delvaux Collection for Autumn – Winter 2014

A fetching collection, showcased beautifully in the cold and snow.

Delvaux aw 2014 collection


VIDEO: Behind the Scenes: Delvaux AW14


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