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Preserving the Memories ~ Creative Ways to Document Your Luxury Travels

For months you dreamed about it. Plans and attention to detail were meticulously observed. Nothing was overlooked. Great expense was incurred. And then the day finally arrives. In your mind you go over last minute details: packing lists and passports, the mail, the dog, the plants inside and out. You are certain you’ve covered everything.

creative ways to document your luxury travels Preserving the Memories ~ Creative Ways to Document Your Luxury Travels - EAT LOVE SAVOR International luxury lifestyle magazine, bookazines & luxury community

Lounging on the terrazzo of your private Italian villa time slows down. A tranquil breeze whispers past pulling gently at your hair. Fingers tickle your cheek as loose strands are brushed back from your face. Taking a sip of Chianti, you gaze at the burnt orange sunset melting slowly down the scene in front of you streaking the expanse with vibrant color until it dips finally below the horizon leaving an indigo sky in its place. Stars begin to dot the sky as you close your eyes not wanting to forget the scene and its profound impact, the setting sun releasing with it all the stress and tension from your life. Drinking it all in, you can’t imagine a more perfect moment. You’re on vacation.

Reliving the Moments

Creative ways of capturing special moments are just as important as planning the vacation. Memories have a way of fading over time. Showcasing the highlights of your trip can be done tastefully and artistically to help preserve each special vacation and the memories that fill them. Here is a list of fabulous ideas to get you started.

  • CULINARY: Keep a culinary journal to write down favorite food and wine from each region you visit. Tuck in take out menus, wine and beer labels, and receipts. Once home, pull out the journal and organize a dinner party around the meals and drinks, or plan a meaningful evening to relive the memories with your travel companions.
  • POSTCARDS: Mail yourself a postcard from each new city, landmark or event you experience. Make sure to write down your favorite things about the place on the card. Slip the postcards into an album when you get home.
  • MAPS: While in a foreign city, use a map to get around and circle favorite shops, cafes, streets and landmarks. You might even write one or two words or names to remind you of each unique experience. Once home, have the map transferred artfully onto canvas to hang in your space. For a more eccentric look, use a vintage map of your destination if available. Highlight specific routes traveled and mount unique push-pins to point out special destinations.
  • BLOG: Before you leave create a blog and then take time during your travels to post photos and share exciting moments from your trip.
  • COFFEE TABLE: Consider turning a glass top coffee table into a visual showcase of your travels. Pictures can be placed under the glass or souvenirs, pictures, maps and other memorabilia can be set into recesses in the table. The scenes can change with each vacation.
  • SHADOW BOXES: Shadow Boxes allow you to mount ticket stubs with pictures and room keys or shells, sand, and beach glass. They are also an elegant way to showcase trinkets like spoons or charms from other countries.
  • DIGITAL JOURNALS: Online companies give you an opportunity to upload favorite photographs into an album complete with text. Think digital scrapbooking.
  • VIDEO: Capture video footage of your favorite journey. Have a professional company put the footage onto a DVD complete with music, or do it your self.  Use still photos to create a moving slide show. Text can explain each photo. These make a great gift for grandparents and close friends.

A well-planned vacation is so rewarding. Gorgeous scenery, beautiful hotels, and sumptuous meals all add to the experience. Whether a favorite destination you’re returning to or a yet to be experienced locale, take special care to make sure your memories are preserved.


by Lee Anne Michayluk

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