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Plaza Premium First Hong Kong Curates Immersive “Return to Your Heart” Art Journey

Plaza Premium First at Hong Kong International Airport is to be the world’s first airport lounge to unveil an inspiring art collection. The moving new “Return to Your Heart” exhibition showcases a special collection of oil and ink paintings and sculptures, celebrating both nature and humanity.

This exhibition is in collaboration with Beijing Poly Art Company Limited, the art solutions pioneer owned by Poly Culture Group. The new lounge concept adds an elevated and refined dimension to travellers’ journey and is open to all Plaza Premium First guests until 31 December 2019.

“Return to Your Heart” invites travellers to explore a meaningful journey before embarking on their own trip. Meticulously integrated into Plaza Premium First Hong Kong, the art pieces interpret different journeys of life through a combination of nature, animals, people and cultural landscape.

“An airport lounge stay is one of those rare times where you get a moment to yourself undisturbed.  With this exhibition, we invite our guests to indulge in art exploration and to reflect on the theme of the collection. Bringing in an element of surprise to the airport journey and ultimately making travel better is at the heart of what we do at Plaza Premium Group.  We are on a constant search to create unique airport moments for our guests; the art collaboration is the first of many initiatives we will be launching to uplift the airport hospitality experience.” shares Mei Mei Song, Brand Director, Plaza Premium Group.

The art collection takes guests on an emotional and experiential tour throughout the lounge, starting from AeroBar towards the lounge seating area and into Infinity Room, a flexible private space away from the main lounge area.

Plaza Premium First Hong Kong Infinity Room The Rhythm of Bamboo showcases the unbroken nature of bending bamboo Plaza Premium First Hong Kong Curates Immersive “Return to Your Heart” Art Journey - EAT LOVE SAVOR International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine
Experience the Collection

Guests heading towards AeroBar begin the in-lounge art journey with a set of canvas paintings by Lv Shanchuan, who is known for his technique of using multi-layers of oil paint.  The complex brush strokes give a sense of life through the collection of “Ocean”, “Blossom” and vivid “Koi” fish.  Continuing the lifelong journey, guests are invited to experience a celebration symbolised by “Revelation” carved by sculptor Fan Xiaoyan.  The 1.6-metre-tall sculpture depicts a group of people enjoying a rewarding wine moment, calling lounge guests to search for the meaning of their journeys ahead while sipping a glass of wine.  Fan continues to celebrate humanity through the power of life force with “The Rhythm of Bamboo” by showcasing the unbroken nature of bending bamboo.

Guests winding down in the lounge seating area will be drawn to “The Thinker” painted by Hua Qing.  It portrays a monkey sitting on a pile of books, asking travellers to re-think the relationship between innate nature and rationality.  Resided on the walls of Infinity Room, the “Landscape” collection painted by Si Peilin illustrates iconic bricks and tiles of old Beijing, transporting Plaza Premium First guests to a memory lane of historic and cultural moments.  Rendering a striking contrast between black and blue, “Gao Shala” by Tian Wei comprises vertical movement and horizontal stillness symbolising the dynamic nature of time and the static nature for travellers to imagine their existence between the two dimensions.

Plaza Premium First Hong Kong Infinity Room Landscape collection illustrates iconic old Beijing Plaza Premium First Hong Kong Curates Immersive “Return to Your Heart” Art Journey - EAT LOVE SAVOR International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

“The airport lounge is a destination for everyone to anticipate and reset their mind for their next trip, and we are delighted to present a series of art masterpieces to spark travellers’ curiosity on the meaning of travel and journey. Ultimately, we all need to embark on a homebound journey.  ‘Return to Your Heart’ is to lead us finding our way home.” adds Yixiao Li, Curator, Beijing Poly Art.

The art exhibition is another example of Plaza Premium First Hong Kong’s commitment to delivering a world class lounge experience. Guests can also enjoy Beyond Meat burgers in collaboration with Green Monday – a first of its kind among all airport lounges in Asia, vibrant tea cocktail and mocktails with Singaporean tea connoisseur TWG, and the largest collection of Scotch Whiskeys at Hong Kong International Airport.

Located near gate 1, Departures Level of Hong Kong International Airport, Plaza Premium First opens 24 hours daily.  At a starting price of HKD880 for three hours use, guests are welcome to book online via, call +852 3960 1396 and email for enquiries.

For more information on Plaza Premium First Hong Kong’s Art Exhibition  visit

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