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Petrossian Caviar: A 90 Year Legacy

As the world and its lavish indulgencies become gradually more accessible to a larger and more affluent population, the question of how we define luxury and what exactly is a luxury item becomes increasingly difficult to answer.

petrossian new york door

There are however a few luxuries that leave no ambiguity and none more so than Caviar, a delicacy that carries a heavy burden on the shoulders of its purveyor to provide a fine balance of nature, commitment to quality and dedication to tradition.

As with any organic product, it is a legitimate challenge to get it right; it is even more of a challenge to get it right on a consistent basis so for the Petrossian family who have been providing the finest caviar in the world for 90 years, it is a genuine testament to their heritage, passion and family pride.

Two Armenian brothers, Melkoum and Mouchegh Petrossian founded the family business in Paris 1920 drawing from their experience in the Caspian Sea Fishery Business.  The concept of caviar as a luxurious delicacy was not initially accepted by the Parisian elite but through true determination, passionate resolution and strategic partnership with hotel magnate Cesar Ritz, The brothers created the concept of Caviar as a luxury item.

Caviar from Petrossian Boutique in Paris

Portfolio of Fine Products to Tantalize and Delight the Senses

As the company has grown they have diversified their portfolio of products offered. In addition to four types of caviar, Petrossian offers specialty and smoked fish, foie gras, pâté, and truffles, as well as chocolates, teas, coffees, jams and more recently a signature caviar cocktail. Of course each offering is made with the same attention to quality and excellence for which Petrossian has been known for 90 years.

The Legacy Continues with a Modern Edge & Brand Integrity

At the helm today,  grandson Alexandre Petrossian, Managing Director runs the business with the same zeal and enthusiasm as his predecessors.  In the modern world he understands the need to continue to provide his customers with quality and selection. In a new digital age Petrossian  provides one of the best and easiest online shopping experiences, but Alexandre also understands the importance of the personal approach to the luxury marketplace.

Petrossian caviar girl

The Caviar Ambassador, The Caviar Girl

In September 2014 he was inspired to launch a new ambassadorial program characteristic of the cigarette girl concept for the 1920’s.  Their caviar girl is an important role that provides a face to face interaction with the consumer and a sophisticated opportunity to sample single servings of the finest caviar at premium events and social gatherings throughout the country. An extremely important and somewhat rare asset.  The position is more than just cute aesthetics, It s a position that fully engages and educates the consumer ultimately providing a broader understanding therefor enriched appreciation of their indulgence.

The Tradition and Commitment to Excellence Continues

Ultimately the success of any business comes from creating customer loyalty and striving toward longevity and commitment from your patrons. Its safe to say that with the same family principles and continued devotion to the luxury experience, the Petrossian family will be the standard for caviar and other fine delicacies for the next 90 years to come.

by Richard Crawford, Editor at Large & CEO of

A native Scotsman, Richard Crawford grew up with an innate respect for heritage and appreciation for tradition. As a child, he became increasingly interested in culture and history and could often be found at the local airport where he would sit for hours, fascinated by the travelers, captivated by their sophistication and curious about their backgrounds. As an adult, Crawford relishes the opportunity to travel and experience the world firsthand, and never misses an opportunity to share his stories of adventures with others. In 2005, Crawford became the United States Ambassador to The Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch Whisky, and his dream became a career.