Perrier-Jouët Limited Edition Champagne: Flowers, Butterflies and ‘small discoveries’

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Champagne House Perrier-Jouët have collaborated with Viennese-based design duo mischer’traxler to create ‘small discoveries’ – a limited edition collection.

Champagne House Perrier-Jouët and Viennese-based designers, mischer’traxler have collaborated for the third time to create ‘small discoveries’ – a limited edition collection for sale at Fortnum and Mason. The collection includes a unique version of the Belle Époque 2007 and a limited edition metallic gift box for the Grand Brut. Mischer’traxler has taken inspiration for ‘Small Discoveries’ from the core principles and rich variety of expression associated with the Art Nouveau movement: combining art with craftsmanship, and infusing nature and beauty into everyday objects; the proponents of which remain at the heart of Perrier-Jouët’s House philosophy. References to nature and the use of handcraft processes, two characteristics so vital to the artistic movement, have been utilised by the silk-screen printed flutter of butterflies present in the design.


The Sweetness of ‘Small Discoveries’

The charming design of ‘Small Discoveries’ includes a flutter of butterflies that has been inspired by Perrier-Jouët’s Art Nouveau heritage and its use of nature. This is the third time that the champagne house has collaborated with mischer’traxler. Firstly at Design Miami, and secondly at London Design Festival

This collection has two elements 1) a gift box and 2) a special edition design of the Belle Époque 2007 vintage. The pretty metallic gift box is decorated with the “small discoveries” pattern designed for the Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut. The tin itself is isothermal, which ensures the champagne  stays cool, and can be perpetually re-used for champagne.

“The Perrier-Jouët bottle with its distinctive flowers and artistic embellishments transforms the basic champagne bottle into a canvas. The blending of art and wine is a classic combination, but making the canvas the bottle and boxes, brought to life in floral and natural designs adds an essence synonymous with Perrier-Jouet that makes it all the more special; elevating the enjoyment of the finely crafted bubbles that float and like the butterfly flitting across the palate and tantalizing the senses. Perrier-Jouet was my first champagne, the bottle captivating to the eye and pouring the elixir while running my fingers across the painted flowers on the bottle, sipping it out of matching hand-painted stemware – this was much more than just Champagne, it was a luxury experience, one that ignited my love-affair with Champagne.” ~ Angela Tunner, Founder, Editor in Chief & Publisher EAT LOVE SAVOR

Beautifully Designed Bottle

The bottle of Belle Époque 2007 has also been embellished with the ‘small discoveries’ design and comes with a deluxe case with a decorated sleeve. The Belle Epoque’s traditional anemones are beautifully intertwined with mischer’traxler’s butterflies.

Vibrant Design for Vibrant Bubbles

The Belle Époque 2007 has the traditional anemones covering the bottle, but mischer’traxler have cleverly included a flutter of butterflies floating between them.  The vintage has been carefully selected by Chef du Caves Herve Deschamps, is light gold in colour with an almost radiant clarity with fine, vibrant bubbles.  On the nose it has magnolia, honeysuckle and citrus aromas cloaked in just-ripe pear and peach notes with a hint of minerality. On the palate it has a wonderfully persistent crystalline freshness followed by a bold attack, revealing the white-fruit flavours complemented by notes of almond milk.

Art Installation and Availability

The gift box went on sale in late September to coincide with ‘Curiosity Cloud’, the installation Perrier-Jouët commissioned mischer’traxler to create for London Design Festival. The collection is now available from Fortnum and Masons, London.

  • The Grand Brut gift box £40
  • The Belle Époque 2007 £130

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