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We are pleased to introduce you to our wonderful partners that serve HNW and UHNWI lifestyles globally and that are a harmonious blend with the EAT LOVE SAVOR®  lifestyle. We select our partners with great care and consideration for our readers needs and excellent lifestyle choices. We hope that you will take the time to learn more about them and support these fine enterprises.

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Seventy Thirty is a niche, exclusive agency, not a mainstream, mass-market online dating service founded in 2000, the first exclusive matchmaking agency, the ultimate network of influential and exceptional #single people. Our exclusivity lies in our individual service and limited numbers, because there simply aren’t thousands of single, wealthy, high-caliber prospects out there. Our database consists of current and past members and people who have been carefully curated and selected as potential matches through executive searches. Seventy Thirty members are high net-worth individuals from a variety of backgrounds, nationalities, lifestyles, industries, relationship aspiration and of all ages; all of whom share a desire for a partner. Our members value discretion and expect a top level of service in matchmaking, as they do in all the other aspects of their affluent lives.

While Seventy Thirty is based in elegant Knightsbridge, London, we have an international network of members from the UK and Europe, USA, Canada, South America, South Africa and Africa, UAE, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Wherever in the world you are reading this, please get in touch to find out more about how membership with Seventy Thirty will help you find your perfect partner. 

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Meaning Global is a global strategic and cultural intelligence consultancy powered entirely by meaning, founded by Dr. Martina Olbertova.

We bridge the meaning disconnect between brands/organisations and culture/society to restore value and cultural relevance, improve meaningfulness and integrity and drive meaningful growth.

We help brands and organisations adapt to the quickly changing context of the 21st century. We work with the C-suite members looking to align their strategies, content, communication, policies and experiences with the underlying cultural principles of the world today to stay relevant and profitable.

We advise leaders on how to navigate the rapidly changing meanings in our global culture to capitalise on culture change. We explore the shifting meanings of big social concepts of our time, such as diversity, gender, identity, trust, equality, morality or post-truth to help brands and organisations culture-proof their own initiatives, contextualise how the shifts happening in culture and society affect their current brand and business performance and discover new and previously unseen opportunities for future growth.

Dr. Martina Olbertova is a leading expert on brand meaning and cultural relevance around the globe. As a writer, speaker, strategist and cultural consultant, she educates brand and business leaders on how to be culturally savvy and capitalise on culture change.

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Les Belles Maisons is dedicated to the process of cultural transformation in our society. We advocate a change of focus and messages so there can be more Belles Maisons: companies and organizations that open their hearts, create beauty, and operate at a higher level of consciousness.

We accompany our clients to explore new paths in management and to make decisions that reveal their hidden beauty. We help them build a unique legacy that offers something greater, more meaningful and long lasting.

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Yachting International Radio founded by Rhrea Rouw is a multimedia platform reaching the Yachting world, from Crew to Owners, and On Shore support. Anyone and everything that has anything to do with the Yachting or Boating market Internationally.

Yachting International Radio was founded as a result of a desire to give a voice to worldwide crew in the Yachting Industry. From small yachts with only one or two crew, to the large superyachts with crew into the triple digits. From the little things that impact your daily life, to the larger issues like employment and environment. They bring a wide variety of music, world wide news, marine weather in your area, and with our various presenters, multiple different personalities, music choices and views of the world. We also have interviews with industry leaders, crew agents, financial advisors, and just some human interest stories!

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