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Parisian Contemporary Artist Emblazons Art onto Silk Scarves

anais scarf 1Anaïs de Contades Paris reincarnated the silk scarf; the “maison d’art à porter” is founded on the artwork and creative life of prodigious, 21 year old contemporary poet, artist and muse Anaïs de Contades. It is her way of creating works of art that her collectors can wear.

In addition to painting on paper and canvas, Anaïs paints on silk mounted on stretchers as a canvas. She always wanted to wear her silk paintings. This series of works are made with inks and silk of exceptional quality which are specifically adapted for scarves, so these unique works of art are prepared to be worn.

anais work 2Haute Couture of Scarves: Unique and Limited

Unlike other scarves on the market, they are not just artworks which have been printed onto silk, they are as individual and unique as her works on paper and canvas. They are the “haute couture” of scarves. They are priced as her other artworks and each is accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity. The initial collection is limited to 50 works worldwide; so the prices will likely increase due to demand and rarity.

Even though she’s from a family of French aristocrats, Anaïs de Contades is an “atypical rebel”. She has been independent since the age of 14 at which point she began creating poetry and artwork. Just a few years since she began, her work has already been recently acquired by one of the most important international art collectors. Being completely autodidact with a path out of the ordinary, it’s not surprising that she has created something innovative and unique in the current art and luxury markets.

anais painting 1Two well-known Parisian luxury brands wanted to commission her to create scarves based on her artwork, but she chose to do it her way. Instead of creating yet another fashion brand she preferred to launch her own “`maison d’art” so that she could be completely true to the themes of her oeuvre: free-spiritedness, contemporary romanticism, the beauty of eroticism and human connection. She believes that a wearable work of art is an original way to share her creations outside of her atelier or a gallery.

anais 1
The artist, Anaïs de Contades

Making an Impact in an Unchanged Fashion Accessory

It’s been a while since we’ve seen something truly exciting in this accessory. For most brands, scarves are a secondary thought. For Anaïs, a scarf can make any outfit extraordinary from casual jeans and t-shirt to a little black cocktail dress. Her innovative approach is certain to challenge the classic “carré” which has gone unchanged for decades. This new maison is sure to make an impact given the growing interest in contemporary art over the last few years.

Available Only at Her Atelier and Select Concept Stores

She receives her important collectors at her atelier in Paris. However, as a “nomade de luxe” Anais often delivers her work in person worldwide. A few pieces will also be sold in selected concept stores.

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