Packing for a Winter Yacht Charter

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Winter is a wonderful time to escape the chilly temperatures of Northern Europe and America to go on a winter yacht charter.

Destinations like the Caribbean and Seychelles offer the perfect winter island escape. However, seasoned charterers know that a private yacht charter requires a different packing routine to that of a villa or a cruise ship vacation. Storage room for luggage can be limited on board, so packing for luxury a yacht charter may need some extra consideration. The good news is that in tropical or warm-weather destinations, you won’t need to bring too many clothes to meet your daily needs. This list should help you pack for a yacht charter.

  1. Travel Documents
  2. Soft-sided bags
  3. Clothing
  4. Shoes
  5. Accessories
  6. Dry sacks
  7. Medicine

yachting - eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazine

1 Travel Documents

Packing your passport is an obvious priority, but don’t forget visas, tickets and debit/credit cards. You should also make sure you have travel insurance and a note of vaccinations you’ve had since some countries may require proof of this before you enter.

2 Soft-sided bags

As mentioned before, storage space is limited, so soft bags are more adaptable and soft duffels and canvas bags can be folded up and stowed after you’ve unpacked. Soft bags also come with wheels so it shouldn’t be too inconvenient to use one, and smaller ones can fit in the overhead compartment of an aeroplane.

3 Clothing

Since it will be warm, you need only pack light clothes and focus on keeping cool. Pack some shorts, skirts and t-shirts that can be worn in different complementary combinations. Summer dresses, some light trousers and collared shirts that comply with a smart-casual dress code are essential if you intend to eat in a restaurant on land. A lightweight sweater should be enough for evenings. Don’t forget to pack bathing suits and a practical yet stylish hat to protect you from the sun whilst looking every inch a veteran yacht charterer!

yachting - eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazine4 Shoes

You can bring whatever shoes you like for your time ashore but most yachts forbid shoes on board since they can damage the floors. Tennis shoes and rubber-soled sandals are fine for roaming around the deck. Bring a pair of water shoes for swimming in rocky areas or in the vicinity of sea urchins. If you intend to go hiking or go to a high-profile nightclub or exclusive event, of course, pack accordingly but remember to take your shoes off again as soon as you are on board.

5 Accessories

Sunglasses and sunscreen are absolute essentials. However, you should be aware that sun creams that contain oil can stain both teak decks, canvas and sunbed cushions. If you intend to spend a lot of time relaxing, bring a couple of books and an MP3 player. Maybe pack an extra hat in case it gets windy on deck and your hat becomes the first casualty. A camera is also vital to catch all those magical moments and beautiful vistas you’ll see.

yachting - eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazine

6 Dry sacks

Dry sacks and watertight bags are essential for keeping your belonging safe and dry when going to the beach or out on diving or kayaking excursions. They are great for carrying phones and books to the beach or keeping items of clothing dry.

7 Medicine

If you have any prescription medications, don’t forget to pack enough for your time at sea. It’s also a good idea to bring sea sickness remedies with you, just in case!

These packing tips will help you prepare for an amazing winter yacht trip. Of course, plenty of people think a luxury yacht charter is merely a pipe dream, but fractional yacht ownership can be a great way to own a yacht without the burden of maintenance. By becoming a co-owner or joining a vacation club, you get to enjoy your very own yacht in multiple worldwide locations. It’s the perfect solution for a luxurious, stress-free holiday on the ocean.


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