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Ortaea Fine Jewellery Creates the ‘Princess Of Monaco’ for the Monte Carlo Gala Global Ocean Auction 2018

Ortaea Fine Jewellery was invited to design an exclusive piece of jewellery for the exceptional auction to be held at the second Monte Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean. Presided by H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco.

The event takes place on Wednesday, 26th September 2018, on the opening day of the Monaco Yacht Show, in the company of international artists and philanthropists committed to the protection of the Ocean. It represents a call for immediate and collective action in favour of a sustainable ocean.


A Complex Cuff Named After a Princess

The Princess of Monaco Cuff, named in Her Serene Highness’s honour, was a labour of love for Ortaea’s highly talented artisans. The result, is jewelry that is an embodiment of the Princess’s elegance, style and substantive beauty combined with design elements drawn from the brand’s Koral collection. The complexities involved in its creation would itself be the catalyst for the hundreds of hours spent in ensuring every millimetre of this carefully crafted bespoke piece achieved the look the Creative Director and Founder, Mita Vohra, desired. The final piece transcends the very layers of precious gold and diamonds it is made from precisely because of the immeasurable meaning that drove its creation.

Intricate and Inspired by a Passion for Nature and Preservation

Created in layers to reflect the interconnection of nature where each part makes the ecosystem whole, the diamond encrusted 18kt black and white gold cuff features forms of coral found in what Mita sees as the gardens of the Ocean. The 132 gram cuff is set in 18kt Black and White Gold with 1466 white diamonds weighing 10.43 carats and 76 black diamonds weighing 0.49 carats. The piece is complemented by a ring set with 100 white diamonds weighing 1.14 carats and 90 black diamonds weighing 0.80 carats.

Sharing many synergies with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation’s core ethos, nature is at the heart of inspiration for the House of Ortaea Fine Jewellery. Ortaea’s Founder Mita Vohra’s own fascination with conservation began as a child growing up in Kenya – naming her brand Ortaea through combining the Latin word Ortus meaning origin, new beginnings and rising and Gaea the Greek Mythological Goddess of Earth and Creation. Ortaea was created from a sense of wonderment and admiration for the ethereal elements of nature and its preservation.

Ortaea Ocean Cuff Final sketchesPreserving the Coral Reefs

Creative Director Mita Vohra’s passion for the preservation of the coral reefs began with the excitement she found diving in the colourful underwater world which evolved into an understanding of these self sustainable ecosystems that occupy 0.1% of the oceans and provide home to 25% of marine life.

The ocean represents more than 70% of the planet’s surface, producing 50% of the oxygen we breathe and absorbing 25% of the green gas emissions, yet, the global ocean is threatened by climate change, pollution, plastics and overfishing. At current rates it is probable that the worlds fisheries will deplete by 2048 and coral reefs will disappear by 2050.

Raising Funds to Support the Ocean

Funds raised from the auction, filled with once-in-a-lifetime experiences, collectibles and memorabilia, and a selection of fine art from some of the world’s most important artists will go towards supporting the Foundation’s initiatives
dedicated to the ocean. These include the development of marine protected areas, the protection of threatened marine species, the mitigation of the impact of climate change and acidification on the Ocean, the promotion of innovation and the fight against plastic pollution.

For more information on Ortaea’s jewelry collections, visit http://ortaea.com

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