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One of a Kind Culinary Travel Experience Awaits You: Culinary Social


For all those embedded with the wanderlust gene, there is a unique culinary experience that awaits. The Culinary Social brings to you a complete solution to all your travel desires, combined with a one of a kind culinary experience, exclusive networking and bespoke travel experiences like never done before.

With experience of over 15 years in the industry and in-depth research, The Culinary Social is a brainchild of Ricky Barot (Luxury Product Industry), Dhaval Udeshi (Indian restaurateur and entrepreneur), Shaival Chandra (Founder of Hopping Chef). They promise to be the only such organisation in the country that is dedicated to taking you on personalised and interactive tours with a focus on soaking up all the culinary splendour global destinations have to offer while immersing yourself in its electrifying lifestyle.

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Immersive Olfactory Experience

From a charming street side cart to a Michelin-starred rooftop restaurant, to exclusive access to the top DJs to private gourmet sessions with world-class chefs, the Culinary Social offers you so much more than your regular vacation! It’s about more than just the food, its learning about new cuisines and cultures, networking with the best of the very best and exposing you to a world otherwise inaccessible. The tours are private and tailored to what suits you or your group of friends and family.


Solutions for Stress-less Holiday Experiences and Gustatory Memories

[pullquote]“We are not a run of the mill travel agency or portal, we aim to provide a bespoke travel experience and an opportunity to network with like minded people from across the world. With the experience being limited to 12 people, we go through a strenuous process to pick out a suitable group. The tour is open to people from all over the world.” Dhaval Udeshi, Founder, The Culinary Social.[/pullquote]

Bid farewell to the stress of holiday planning. All you need is to pick the sort of holiday experience you are looking for and they do the rest! Do you wish to dabble in mixology or molecular gastronomy, mingle with master chefs of the world or dance to the beat of A-List DJs? From your pickup to accommodations, from internal transport to itinerary crafting, the Culinary Social handles it all. So, get ready for an easier way to travel.

Curated by an Experienced Team

The team of travel curators is made up of experienced, well-travelled and passionate individuals who know that the very best holidays are those that leave you in awe. With the collective travels and culinary experience under our belt, The Social Culinary is sure to customize a tour that fits everyone’s needs. They work very closely with their teams in all the tour destinations to ensure that you get premium insider access to the secrets and wonders that await you. So, whether you’ve gathered a group of friends looking for a fantastic holiday or an experienced and eager home cook looking for some gourmet delights, their travel curators will design the perfect experience for you.

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Exotic and Luxurious Destinations

The Culinary Social has commenced holiday planning with gorgeous and niche destinations like Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Morrocco, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Amalfi Coast known for their rich culture, unique culinary experiences and more…

Destination: Hong Kong

Hong Kong being the first destination; The Culinary social has planned a world of culinary delights from East to West, all presented in true gourmet customs. With Michelin Star dining blending aromatic opulence and creative finesse, star chefs with meticulous technique, and tantalizing five-course menus, Hong Kong is now positioned on the culinary map. Complemented by five-star luxury accommodations throughout this gastronomic tour beckons Hong Kong’s cuisine is not only an exotic fusion of Eastern and Western flavours, but is also a great variety of creative culinary delights with local characteristics, making the place a world renowned Gourmet Paradise.


Imagine yourself feasting on scrumptious gourmet treats as the chef pulls up a chair to join you, while music fills the air blended with stunning drinks poured by top bartenders and your spirits soar…with the Culinary Social, the unexpected is to be expected. Their tours promise nothing short of exceptional insider access to cultural and culinary wonders in the destination of your choice.

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