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Norwegian Gastronomy Experiences Created for the World Luxury Market

DRM of Norway - eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazine

Nordic and Norwegian food is one of the worlds food trends, due to its unique style and flavours, Michelin star restaurants and for annually winning Bocuse Dor medals.

Now the first Norwegian luxury brand is offering  gastronomic services, created for a very small and exclusive range of discreet clients worldwide.

Meet Danièl Rougè Madsen and DRM of Norway

DRM of Norway - eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazineDRM of Norway was founded by Danièl Rougè Madsen, one of Norway’s Master Chefs and TV personalities. Not only did he want to embrace his sense for quality, but also to channel his unsurpassed passion for food into creating a unique Norwegian luxury brand, offering quality-minded clients an exclusive collection of handcrafted products and special experiences capturing the true essence of the North.

Preparing Norwegian Fine Food for Celebrities, Royals and Embassies Around the World

DRM of Norway presents dining experiences for royalties, celebrities, embassies and a small range exclusive discreet clients. Their services range from live cooking shows to guest chefs on super yachts and in luxury hotels. DRM also offers a line of its own fine foods.

DRM of Norway - eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazineAn Immersive Culinary Experience

For those who have done it all, here is a unique opportunity to sample exquisite dishes from the land of the midnight sun, deep fjords and majestic mountains. Such symbolic elements are important, if not crucial, to Norwegian food culture and they encapsulate them perfectly within a multi-sensory experience aimed at capturing the essence and emotion of the Arctic wilderness.

For more information on DRM of Norway, visit http://drmofnorway.com

Try Norwegian Food at Home

To whet your appetite for this cuisine, here is one of Danièl’s recipes to try in your own kitchen to get a taste of Norway on your plate.

DRM of Norway - eat love savor luxury lifestyle magazine
Spiced King Crab Soup with Tomato, Chickpeas and Mint


Spiced King Crab Soup with Tomato, Chickpeas and Mint

4    pc    Norwegian king crab, upper leg piece

Preheat a frying pan and add oil and fry with salt, cayenne.

Ingredients for the Spiced King crab soup

2    tbls    sunflower oil
2    pc     shallots, diced
2    cloves    garlic, minced
1    kg    Norwegian king crab shells and shoulders
1    bunch    coriander stems
1    tsp    tomato paste
1    box    pelati tomatoes, pulp
1    tsp    cumin powder
1    tsp    coriander seeds
1    pc    chipotle chilli, whole
¼    tsp    cinnamon, powder
¼    tsp    clove, powder
½    tsp    cardamom powder
¼    tsp    black pepper.
100    g    chickpeas, canned cooked
5    dl    Fish stock,(Jacobs)
4    pc    tomatoes
1    pc    lemon juice and peel.
coriander, mint and parsley


  • Preheat a large casserole.
  • Heat up the oil to medium heat. Sauté shallots and garlic.
  • After 2 minutes add the king crab and spices. Stir this together.
  • Add the tomato paste and sauté for 4 minutes then pour in pelati tomatoes, coriander stems.
  • Cover with fish stock. Let this simmer for 1 hour.
  • Drain. Put in the tomatoes and chickpeas and flavour with salt and lemon juice.
  • Garnish with freshly chopped coriander, mint and parsley

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