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New Luxury Brand to Know,  Fine Fragrance

New Luxury Brands to Know: Rose 1845 by Lazarus Douvos

new luxury brands to know New Luxury Brands to Know: Rose 1845 by Lazarus Douvos - EAT LOVE SAVOR International Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

ROSE 1845 by Lazarus Douvos

We came across Rose 1845 and its founder Lazarus Douvos on social media and loved the simplicity, elegance and delightful surprise of his brand.

Centered on fragrance unconventionally incorporated into a beauty product, what he’s created is a combination beyond the standard – fine perfume in hair care. We chatted with Lazarus to get know him and learn more about his passion for fragrance and share with you what we learned about him and what inspired Rose 1845.

What is Rose 1845?

Roses have been used in fragrance for thousands of years. But fragrance in hair care products is not something we are accustomed to seeing. We wondered what their rose scented shampoo, conditioner and hair oil would smell like. Would it be sweet and young like a lot of rose scents are? He graciously sent us samples of his products. From the first sniff we were captivated!  Oh this was not the typical presentation of rose! The fragrance is rich and sensual, smells of magnificent mature roses kissed by the late summer sunshine. There is a depth and complexity to their formulations with two types of rose: Rose Absolu de Grasse and Rose Otto with the addition key ingredients including Immortelle Absolute, amber wood, blue chamomile. These deep, rich scents are not at all overly feminine, well suited for both women and men. The creator of this wonderful fragrance is highly respected master perfumer Christophe Laudamiel and he’s masterfully forms scents of unique personality, each product has slight variations, all are alluring, sophisticated and sensual. The bottles are made of high quality glass and the simple markings give it a clean look. Rose 1845 by Lazarus Douvos is a decidedly elevated hair washing experience with the added enhancement of his refined,  signature scent. The experience of using Rose 1845 is sensual and leaves hair lustrous, silky soft and so beautifully scented. We absolutely love it!

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Photo courtesy of Lazarus Douvos


Tell us about yourself? Who is Lazarus Douvos?

I am an internationally renown hair stylist who has been creating hair fashion and styling techniques for over three decades. I was born in Melbourne, Australia, my parents are Greek. I had a career as a ballet dancer, then moved into hairdressing at high-profile and expanded into styling hair for fashion photography shoots, exhibitions, workshops and was an artistic director. In the early 1990s, I moved to Florence, Italy Lazarus where I was exposed to the world of luxury and started working primarily as a senior stylist and design consultant for Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo.

After Florence, I returned to Melbourne to open my own salon and share my experience as a mentor and trainer with aspiring stylists. Then, I set my eye on the USA. I arrived in New York in 2009 where I became a personal stylist for fashion and Hollywood celebrities, including the late Joan Rivers, before working as a master stylist for the legendary hairdresser, Garren. There I generated editorial looks for US Vogue and was a personal hair stylist for the US Vogue Hamish Bowles Journalist and Fashion Editor at Large.

For New York Fashion Week, I helped Garren with Calvin Klein in 2011 and Guido Palau with Ralph Lauren in 2012. He was the lead hair stylist for the ADIDAS Selena Gomez Collection in 2014.

After years of working with various haircare companies, hearing over and over again the frustration with their being so many product choices for women all over the world it inspired me to develop my own streamlined haircare range. I have a profound passion for the art and the world of fragrance, I dreamed of marrying the emotional relation that perfume brings to the ritual of haircare. A new trend of perfumed haircare has begun with ROSE 1845.

On a personal level, I am a man of passion, conviction, determination and a true visionary!

You’ve had successful careers prior to founding your own luxurious hair care products. What inspired you to move from a career in ballet to hair styling?

The inspiration or as i called it was intrigue,my friend who was training as a hairstylist, she was a boy george clown, the 80’, the rags and ribbons in her hair it all fascinated me as I was a very quiet and shy person but it sparked interest, one day i went to visit her at the salon my ballet school was nearby so I would often visit her between class but on this day her boss told me she no longer works here and asked me what I did and said I am training to be a classical ballet dancer, he then casually asked if I wanted to become a hairdresser, and at 14 and very curious about that world i simply answered, OK just like that and the rest is history.

Your career in hairstyling lasted three decades and in the process you went from hairstylist, to celebrity stylist then to styling for major luxury brands Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo? What inspired you to make the transition from stylist to brand creator of a product combining hair care and fragrance?

Fragrance inspired me, I have always loved perfume and what it ignites when you wear it, its storytelling and that’s what I wanted for haircare, I was never really inspired by what was out there, the plastic bottles, pumps tubes etc, and the claims of each product and the different products for each hair type it’s all very confusing. ROSE 1845 is a story, a story of love triggered the idea of  pouring haircare into a perfume bottle.

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Photo courtesy of Lazarus Douvos. Photographer Talib Jassim

Each detail in the making of Rose1845 is carefully considered. Why was it so important to you to create a high-quality product?

It was important because I have always been detail orientated and I wanted that for my products. Something that would create a consumer experience something that would make you connect to what you are about to do, so having the highest quality hand blown glass bottles from the oldest manufacturer in France to the most precious of rose oils from the gardens of Grasse was important for me, I wanted my shampoo to tell a story!

How did you meet and come to work with your master perfumer Christophe Laudamiel?

On social media after several attempts I finally got an appointment with him, when we met it felt like home he really resonated with the story of ROSE 1845 he understood exactly what I wanted. And what a genius he is!

What inspired you to incorporate fragrance into your care products?

Fragrance inspired me, what it does to you when you spray perfume, I wanted the same feeling when you pour the shampoo in you palms I wanted that moment to awaken something in that person a promise of a feeling, an excitement a chance to be transported into their own little rose garden even if it was for a moment.

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Photo courtesy of Lazarus Douvos

How did you come to be so passionate about Fragrance?

I chose fragrances that would reflect who I was , I discovered how each one would ignite a feeling, a mood and later a memory of a time in my life. What are your philosophies about it? Wear a fragrance that creates a space just for you!

What did you learn while at Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo that informed how you create and run your brand?

I learned that detail was the utmost importance with everything that was created in putting a creation together. To become the top of your game that half a millimeter in what you are creating matters!

What is your vision and mission for Rose 1845?

My vision for ROSE 1845 is to create ROSE 1845 retreats around the world where the consumer, can live out the love story, t from walking through the rose garden to the beautifully appointed interior to the ROSE 1845 room filled aromas

Who is the Rose 1845 customer?

They are a person who wants to take the time for self love, someone that wants to be transported to a  time and place that’s just  for them even if it’s for a moment.

Who did you have in mind with the design of your product?

A MUSE, male or female  that  knows who they are and how they got there.

Rose 1845 is available in their shampoo, conditioner and hair oil. The perfume itself is also available. For more information visit WWW.ROSE1845BYLAZARUS.COM


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