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Her Name is Ethereal Carolina Divine Paraiba and She is is Flawless: All 191.87 Carats of Her!

The flawless 191.87 carats Paraiba tourmaline, The Guinness World Records largest, has been placed by experts in the field amongst the world’s rarest gems, including: the Logan Sapphire, the Hope Diamond, the Alan Caplan Ruby and the Golden Jubilee.

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Mr. Vincent Boucher, Canadian financier, physicist, artist and President of Billionaire Business Enterprises Inc., first introduced this stone to the market in 2009. His passion for world-class gems, and his desire to collaborate with a reputable and renowned design house, brought Mr. Boucher to Kaufmann de Suisse to create a handmade objet d’art in which to present this significant gemstone.

We spoke with Vincent Boucher and Moneca Kaufmann, President of Kaufmann de Suisse about this incredible gem and the necklace that was designed to showcase its brilliance.

Q. What is the story of origin and discovery for this Guinness Book of World Records holding 191.87 carat flawless gem?

VB: This exquisite gem is owned by Philanthropist Vincent Boucher, B. Sc. Theoretical Physics, M. A. Government Policy Analysis and M. Sc. Aerospace Engineering and CEO at Billionaire Business Enterprises Inc., a firm started 10 years ago as a research project about the $350 billion international “Art, Fashion & Jewellery” market based on his independent studies of Aerospace Engineering, Cosmology and Theoretical Physics. As a part of this extensive studies, the scientific vantage point to discover historically significant gems is an element melded into Vincent Boucher’s paintings and into his designs. Vincent Boucher’ ambitious project is to unveil a new world age of artistic visions revealing historical views with a theatrical touch, expressed in a suite of 33 scarves each reproducing his paintings and unveiled one by one and each contain a part of the equation.

Q. Gems speak and inspire – aside from its size and flawlessness, what was so compelling about this gem?

VB: This gem was seen as an ocean-colored gem and a The “Symbol of Earth”. In our Universe, there are many diamonds. There is even one which is 4000 kilometers in diameter 50 light years away in the Centaurus constellation. However, we have yet to find any Paraiba tourmalines beyond our planet. It could be said that the Paraiba tourmaline is an exclusive product of Earth!

Q. What is the story and origins of the name Ethereal Carolina?

VB “ETHEREAL CAROLINA” is the code name of the research project specific to the stone and a part of my vision to become known for colored gemstones on a global scale.

Q. Tell us about the settings and design of this exquisite piece? What inspired the ocean theme of the necklace highlighting this amazing gem?

MK: The final theme I chose, which ultimately determined the design of the necklace was inspired by recent years living near the ocean and realizing how much life on this world takes place beneath the surface of the ocean and how interdependent humanity is with the ocean – its health inextricably linked with our own. The source of life on this planet is water, for billions of years, life has grown and evolved from it and because of it, and would perish without it.

Each individual creature on the necklace is connected to the next, sculpted by hand to lie upon the delicate coral branches from which it finds shelter and sustenance. The myriad of colors and the diversity of stones all mimic the diversity in nature. Multi-color precious and semi-precious stones are embedded into each sea creature, and include: pink, blue, yellow and orange sapphires, emerald, ruby, blue topaz, amethyst, tsavorite, rubellite garnet and diamonds. The total number of stones is 1,706 including one brilliant yellow canary diamond and of course the dazzling and delicious Paraiba tourmaline.

The 10.73 cts. fancy yellow diamond is in the center of the necklace, a symbol of the inner light radiating from within us all, the source of life which is our essence, God. The light, like the sun, gives life to all on this blue planet, represented by the incomparable 191.87 cts. Paraiba tourmaline, which delicately hangs in the balance, as do we, dependent upon the whole to support it.

Our interdependence requires a unity in order to flourish, whether it be the ocean ecosystems, countries with different belief systems, or the human family unit. Division and disharmony can destroy the biggest countries, ecosystems, companies and families, and only by embracing our oneness and accepting our need for each other will we thrive.

Q. Where is the necklace destined for its tour?

Kaufmann de Suisse: The next stop is Palm Beach, Florida.

Q. Why is the owner selling the stone?

VB: We are auctioning off this Guinness World Records™ Paraiba tourmaline, a natural treasure of supreme historical importance and next launch our latest project worldwide: “3D Jewellery Printing : The Building of a Legacy”

Q. Who do you envision as the ideal buyer for this particular necklace?

MB: A wealthy and sophisticated individual who desires to possess what no one else in the world owns.

Auctioning a Piece of Jewelry History

This piece will go to auction in 2014, and the return on investment for this stone is of great merit and consideration. The near exhaustion of this gemstone, along with the incomparable size, natural, untreated color and transparency of this gem make it a rare geological anomaly, possession of which will have historic significance.


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